You get to want what you want

You get to want what you want. 

Simple idea.

Hard to do.  

There’s so much noise.  Noise about what you “should want”.  And too often it's just plain wrong. What other people, trends, paths want for us is not ours. 

It’s theirs.  

But shaking that? Hard.

But when do you? Freedom!

People say: 

“My boss thinks my next step is…”

“Based on the trajectory, what I really should do next is…”

“Well, I guess I’ll….”

All said with a low tone vibe that shows that you don’t really want it.  It’s not for you. Doing it, wanting it, is just eating your peas.

Stop eating your peas. Just put the fork down.

One critical step in just letting yourself want what you want with confidence and enthusiasm, is to name and claim the type of goal associated with that want. There’s something so powerful about naming something- it helps us recognize it as a thing we can hold on to. It takes up space, fills in the form, takes shape and becomes real. Once we do that, we can stand up for it and move toward it with actions that bring it to life. We better understand what to say yes to and what to say no to and overall, just relax into the claim “This is what I want.”

Three goal types to help you want what you want:

Recognition Goals: These goals are the types of goals that area associated with public recognition. 

Job Titles- “I want to make VP in the next 18 months.”   

Medals- “I want to win gold.”

Income- “I want to be a top earner in my sales organization.”

Status- “I want to hit the bestseller list.”

Is this goal type what you want?

Mastery Goals: These goals are associated with being really, really good at something. For the sake and the joy and the experience of being good at that thing. 

A discipline- “I want to be a master agile coach.”  

A craft- “I want to sew a perfect quilt.”

A topic- “I want to be the expert.”

Is this goal type what you want?

Experiential Goals: These goals are the ones that are all about the kinds of experience you want to have and accumulate. They work as a filter for what you say yes or no to, and they touch on the quality of your life and work. 

An adventure- “I want to sail around the world.”

A project type- ”I want to do projects that are small but high leverage.”

A day- “I want to do work that supports my life, not live a live that supports my work.”

Is this goal type what you want?

Try it on. See what fits. If knowing your goal type helps you want what you want, you may have a better chance of getting it.

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