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Dia connects. She's compelled by the opportunity to connect with you and your audiences. Whether speaking in intimate spaces or addressing large auditoriums, Dia manages to affect every single person in the room in an authentic, meaningful way. This not only makes her an engaging presence, it also means people walk away with clear, actionable advice they can carry with them throughout their lives and careers. If you want to see the results for yourself, fill out the form below to find out if your event may be a good fit.


Side Doors

In her signature talk, Dia shares secrets from her years of 1:1 coaching and provides a sure-fire way to always find the courage to speak from the heart. This talk can also be customized by request.


Ask Like an Auctioneer

Over her nearly 20 year career, Dia has noticed a pattern: We tend to wring our hands over asking for money on behalf of ourselves and our businesses. When we do ask, we ask for what we think we can get and never really know what’s possible for ourselves.

Ask Like an Auctioneer combines Dia’s two passions, leadership communications and fundraising auctioneer, into a new model to help women make that bold and courageous ask for more — be it money, visibility or responsibility.

Perfect for women entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and ambitious professionals, this talk and program unleashes a new way of thinking about asking for more that is fun, empowering and easy to start practicing immediately. Book Dia for your next conference where women and their allies are powering up their profile and pursuing possibilities.

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