Find Your Voice.
Lead With It.

Together we’ll discover your unique truth as a platform for your voice and leadership, and make an impact with your voice.

Private Coaching


The Leader’s Voice

When you speak, people listen. You have the power to codify culture, clarify direction and make it possible for your organizations and audiences to move forward together. In this private and bespoke Leadership Communications coaching engagement you’ll develop your leadership voice so you can use it to lead and have the impact you need to advance your business.

Cory Haynes profile photo
Dia's process is methodical and intense. In just a few sessions, I honed my voice to build bridges to new opportunities and unlock access to new leadership tools.”  

Cory Haynes

Group Coaching: The Intensives

Group Coaching

Know your voice. Elevate your impact. The Intensives are cohort-based group coaching experiences designed for leaders, founders, and high-impact individuals seeking to be more masterful communicators in high-stakes situations.

The Leader’s Voice Intensive: Find your voice. Lead with it.

This leadership-focused coaching program targets senior leaders and venture-backed founders seeking to develop their leadership voice. Participants will build their Platform Map™, a four-part framework for effective leadership communication.

The Impact Voice Intensive: Speak with power. Have more impact.

Ideal for mid-career professionals and leaders aiming to enhance their impact during crucial communication moments. This skills-focused coaching program follows Dia Bondi’s Communications Mastery Framework, with modules on Courage, Control, and Impact, focusing on skill development to drive business success. 

Bring an intensive to your organization or inquire about enrollment opportunities.

Jorge Sun
It really helped me crystallize the story, how I approach it, and where I fit within that story in a way that’s a lot more compelling. It’s incredibly important because it’s how you project it in a way that is inspiring to investors, employees, and clients."

Jorge Sun,
CEO of LendingFront
*Redwood Cohort (January 2022)*

Half-Day Workshops


When we learn together, we can build on each other’s ideas and get into action in meaningful ways. Our workshops are designed to tap that wisdom so you can apply the content of the session to your individual context through interactive exercises, peer-to-peer feedback, frameworks, collaboration and reflections that anchor the learning.

But we don’t just want you to develop understanding, we want you to take action.

Using Dia’s 3 part Mastery framework and elements from her Platform Map™she balances a commitment to depth and a bias toward action in each of her workshops. Big ideas get turned into actionable tools you can use right away- helping you take control of your voice and use it for the impact you want, right now.

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We hired Dia to run a session for our entire business team at Quartz and she was absolutely terrific. Her content was on point and her real-world examples were relevant to our teams. If you're looking for middle-of-the-road, she's not it. But if you're looking for someone to have impact and activate your audience- book her. Her enthusiasm is contagious and really engaged a team that can be wary of "speakers" and "trainers". If you have a chance to have her in a room with your audience or team, you should do it.”

Jay Lauf,
Co-Founder and former CEO Quartz

Communications is more than a skill. It’s a strike point for your leadership.

For years we've been chasing the wrong thing.

Mastery isn't about polish and perfection. It’s not about robotic tactics. It’s not about what you wear, or whether or not you wave your hands in the air when you deliver a big idea to an important audience. Mastery isn't performative or full of theatrics. It's not technique.

Your communications mastery is about building trust. It's about creating clarity about who you are as a leader. And it lasts. True mastery puts you on stable ground and gives you a platform for your voice and impact.

We push communication beyond transaction. Instead, we build the kind of mastery necessary to use you voice as a strike point for your leadership and a powerful tool to align and activate people, teams and cultures toward shared goals.Here’s how I define Mastery:

Courage.  Control.  Impact.

When stakes are high its tempting to hide, but your ability to influence the moment is equal to your willingness to lead with who you truly are.

Mastery Diagram
Dia in Studio

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Whether you have an audience of 1,000+ association members, a small room of executives and their teams, or an employee organization, Dia is a partner in customizing her talk to your industry. Your audience won’t just leave inspired, they will leave with tools based on 20 years of leadership coaching and a decade of auctioneering.

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Dia is a partner in customizing her talk to your industry. Your audience won’t just leave inspired, they will leave with tools based on 20 years of leadership coaching and a decade of auctioneering.

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