Find Your Voice.
Use it to Lead.

Together we’ll discover your unique truth as a platform for your voice and leadership, and make an impact with your voice.

1-1 Coaching

The Leader’s Voice

When you speak, people listen. You have the power to codify culture, clarify direction and make it possible for your organizations and audiences to move forward together.

Dia's process is methodical and intense. In just a few sessions, I honed my voice to build bridges to new opportunities and unlock access to new leadership tools.”  
Cory Haynes

Group Coaching

The Intensives

Know your voice. Use it to lead. Have more impact. The Intensives are our cohort based group coaching experiences for leaders, founders and high impact people who need to speak powerfully when stakes are high.

It really helped me crystallize the story, how I approach it, and where I fit within that story in a way that’s a lot more compelling. It’s incredibly important because it’s how you project it in a way that is inspiring to investors, employees, and clients."
Jorge Sun,
CEO of LendingFront
*Redwood Cohort (January 2022)*

Communications is more than a skill. It’s a strike point for your leadership.

For years we've been chasing the wrong thing.

Mastery isn't about polish and perfection. It’s not about robotic tactics. It’s not about what you wear, or whether or not you wave your hands in the air when you deliver a big idea to an important audience. Mastery isn't performative or full of theatrics. It's not technique.

Your communications mastery is about building trust. It's about creating clarity about who you are as a leader. And it lasts. True mastery puts you on stable ground and gives you a platform for your voice and impact.

We push communication beyond transaction. Instead, we build the kind of mastery necessary to use you voice as a strikepoint for your leadership and a powerful tool to align and activate people, teams and cultures toward shared goals.

Here’s how I define Mastery:

Courage.  Control.  Impact.

When stakes are high its tempting to hide, but your ability to influence the moment is equal to your willingness to lead with who you truly are.

Mastery illustration

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