The Intensive is a cohort based coaching program for investor-backed founders who want to gain control of their voice. Over the course of 7 weeks, you’ll craft your Platform Map: a personalized 4-part framework as the foundation for a powerful and purposeful voice.

You’ll walk away from The Intensive with a deeper understanding of when you are at your most compelling and how to transform your story into a strategic asset to accelerate your venture.

What to Expect

With a strong focus on action and application, you will walk away from The Intensive knowing how to speak powerfully, build trust and alignment, and elevate your impact to advance your business — anytime, anywhere, forever.

Week One: Focus Areas

  • In a 1-1 session with Dia, you’ll define your focus areas. Your focus areas answer 3-5 core questions that define the work you’ll do in The Intensive. They help turn ideas into action and make the experience custom to you.

Week Two: Module 1 (Purpose Platform)

  • In week two, we’ll build the first component of your Platform Map: Your Purpose Platform. We’ll articulate what purpose you serve and what impact you have when you are at your most compelling.

Week Three: Module 2 (Person)

  • We’ll extract and articulate a more useful Founder story that teaches the world about both WHO you are and WHAT you’ve done. This turns your story into a strategic asset.

Week Four: Practice

  • In week four, we’ll practice and strengthen the first two components of our platform map.

Week Five: Module 3 (Point of View)

  • Your point of view is the foundation for your thought leadership and a strategic differentiator. In week 5, we’ll articulate how you can support your venture with a leadership voice in your area of expertise, vision, function, personal mission you ACTUALLY believe in.

Week Six: Module 4 (Principles for Operating)

  • We'll discover what you need to operate at your highest level. Your Principles for Operating help your teams know how best to work with you to advance the business and makes it easier for you to communicate expectations and move quickly.

Week Seven: Practice

  • In week seven, we’ll practice putting it all together.

The Intensive is ideal for you if you are a founder who is:

  • Leading a company with a product in market and growing customer base
  • Facing massive growth in revenue and company size
  • Using your voice as a tool for aligning people, teams and cultures
  • Responsible for communicating with a variety of stakeholders (investors, board members, employees, etc.) with confidence and clarity
  • Establishing your founder reputation and thought leadership

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