Change Your Life One Ask at a Time

Dia helps ambitions professionals on the verge of a level up ask for more and get it using an unconventional and surprising approach so they can reach their goals faster.

Ask For More.

Get it.

Asking is one of the most overlooked and avoided success strategies out there. I want you to ask, and ask big enough that you never leave any money or opportunity on the table.


The goal? To help 1,000,000 women ask for more and get it so they can reach their goals, faster.

Welcome to the ZOFO

If you’re not in your comfort zone, where are you? The zone of freaking out takes you beyond what you’re comfortable with asking. It pushes into a place you’re not used to going so you know you’ve left nothing on the table. Embrace it. It’s fun here!

Dia on stage

Get Clarity. Get Power.

Based on the wildly successful keynotes and workshops, Dia's first book, Ask Like an Auctioneer: How To Ask For More and Get It, is a bold and radical approach. You'll learn the ONE idea that causes us to unknowingly leave money and opportunity on the table and ideas and strategies from the world of auctioneering to ensure you can courageously ask for more.

Ask like an Auctioneer book

Carpe Dia

Dia Bondi is the Founder & CEO of Dia Bondi Communications, a leadership communications firm helping founders and transformational leaders find their voice and lead with it. Dia's work aligns and activates people, teams and culture toward shared goals, making it possible for leaders to elevate impact and use communications as a strike point for their leadership.

With a track record of catalyzing change, Dia has been a driving force for global leaders and the brightest minds in business. From clinching the 2016 Summer Olympics for Rio de Janeiro to coaching voices at United Nations gatherings to helping founders secure millions, her expertise transcends borders, industries, and domains.

Dia in the office
Dia on stageAsk like an Auctioneer bookDia in the office