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Courage. Control. Impact.

When stakes are high, your best strategy is to speak from who you truly are. I’ll show you how to direct your power and control your story anywhere, any time, forever.

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In this BIG podcast we get real—real fast. With a bias toward action, our big-thinking guests and candid live-coaching will put the power in your hands to speak powerfully, ask for more and get it and reach your goals faster.
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We brought Dia in to run a session for our entire business team at Quartz and she was absolutely terrific. Her content was on point and her real-world examples were relevant to our teams. If you're looking for middle-of-the-road, she's not it. But if you're looking for someone to have impact and activate your audience- book her. If you have a chance to have her in a room with your audience or team, you should do it.”
Jay Lauf,
Founder, Charter, Co-Founder & former CEO, Quartz
Dia knows how to get someone to be more successful by becoming more of their authentic self.”
Dino Anderson,
Executive Director L&D, D&I at Maxim Integrated
We found her talk both practical and inspiring. She’s teaching core principles that are relevant to nearly every individual in practically every industry.
Kat Gordon,
Founder 3% Movement

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