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Dia knows how to get someone to be more successful by becoming more of their authentic self.”
Dino Anderson,
Cultural Capital Architect and Chief Culture Officer

What does it mean to speak powerfully?

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You speak from who you are.

Authenticity is a strategy. When you speak in a way that is aligned to who you truly are your purpose shines through, allowing us to hear you in your message. When we know you are speaking from the heart, you are masterful.

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You have control in the moment.

Control is both unwavering conviction and flexibility in the moment. On stage, in the board room, in front of the audiences that matter. When we sense you have control in that moment, we know you are masterful.

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You have an impact on us.

Impact is easier when you know how to be your most compelling self, and can do it intentionally. With impact comes power and influence. When you have an impact on us, you are masterful.


We brought Dia in to run a session for our entire business team at Quartz and she was absolutely terrific. Her content was on point and her real-world examples were relevant to our teams. If you're looking for middle-of-the-road, she's not it. But if you're looking for someone to have impact and activate your audience- book her. If you have a chance to have her in a room with your audience or team, you should do it.”
Jay Lauf,
Founder, Charter, Co-Founder & former CEO, Quartz
We found her talk both practical and inspiring. She’s teaching core principles that are relevant to nearly every individual in practically every industry.”
Kat Gordon,
Founder 3% Movement

Lead With Who You Are

Lead With Who You Are is a show exploring what it means to leverage the power of your own strengths and break the status quo by leading as your truest and most aligned self.

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