The Leader’s Voice

Communicate a clear and compelling vision, masterfully.

In this three-month semi-bespoke private coaching engagement, we’ll work together to develop your Platform Map as the foundation for your Leader's Voice and in the context of your next leadership challenge. It will help you communicate a clear and compelling vision when you are in front of audiences that are key to bringing that vision to life.

The Platform Map is a model that gives you guidance and clarity on how to use your voice when stakes are high. It allows you to communicate authentically and with impact and makes it possible for your leader’s voice to be crystal clear.  

The Platform Map

Having a map as a foundation for your voice is a game changer. The Platform Map is build by looking at everything you do, are and see and crafting each of the three components in the Map in a way that is powerful and useful to you.

  • Purpose- Because, purpose drives courage and clarity. When we identify your Purpose Platform, you’ll have what you need to know how to say what needs to be said. This is about your role in the world, not the job you have today.
  • Person- Because you are more than you accomplishments. What you've done is important evidence of who you are. Frame it right, and you can use it for impact, not a brag sheet.
  • Principles- Because you have a unique point of view in your industry. When you can articulate that and keep it at your fingertips, you can distinguish your voice and help the us understand the way you see the world so we can see what you see.

Beyond the Platform Map, we'll identify the key focus areas where you can strengthen your voice and co-create frameworks that are unique to you that activate your voice in a way that is strategic to your business objectives.

Build your Platform Map. Build mastery. Use your voice as a strike point for leadership and acceleration.

When it matters

The Leader’s Voice is right for you if you are an Executive or Founder who recognizes that, right now, your voice matters. You understand that your voice is either a limiting factor or an accelerator in the success of your business.  

For Founders, The Leader’s Voice is best when your organization is between Series A and Series B funding or you have just secured your series B and are facing massive growth.

For Executives, The Leader’s Voice is ideal For you if you are either new in your role and have just leveled up, or your organization is on the verge or a significant change that requires a clear and strong leadership voice.

*Dia takes a limited number of clients at a time so inquire now.

*Custom durations available.

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