Yes, but are you willing to have the impact you want? because everyone has doubts

You want to have more impact, but are you willing to have more impact?

It happens midway through. We’ve worked through a story that resonates.  I can see you smile when you say the thing that is actually what you want to say.  You are thrilled that you’ve found the words and framework that makes your idea clear, powerful and spot-on. It’s exactly what you mean, and exactly what your business, book, leadership, or team needs from you to be successful.  You’re thrilled you’ve nailed it.  It all feels aligned.  

And then it hits. The doubt, the fear, the questions…

“If I share this, will it be too much?”

“If I’m that direct, will it backfire?”

“Whoa, that’s powerful when I say it, but what will they think?”

Having more impact isn’t just about knowing what to say and how to say it.  It’s about tolerating your own power when you do.

It’s about being willing to have a point of view that you may have to defend.

It’s about being willing to have the impact you want.

This doubt and trepidation is common (ehem, predictable) in the coaching engagements you do with me.  

When you choose to be honest with the world and courageously speak from the heart, you are powerful. Yes, it is a risk and one worth taking. 

The question for you is: am I willing to have the impact I want?

When I choose to be open and genuine 
and speak from who I truly am, I am powerful.
And, I can handle it

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