Who do you admire?

Do you have a hero?

This may sound silly, but I’m not talking about fictional superheroes here. For grownups who want to accomplish career, philanthropic or other goals, having a hero can be useful.

Real people, in the real world, that make you think, “Wow! They’re fabulous.”

Who comes to mind for you?

For me, one of them is Cindy Gallop. She’s a true pioneer who is not afraid to attack the status quo, from sex tech innovation to inclusive hiring practices. I imagine the kind of asks she makes aren’t just big, but paradigm-shifting. She blatantly challenges the way her asks see the world. In order to do that, she really must be committed to and in love with her mission. As she frequently says,

"You will never own the future if you care what people think."

When I began building Ask LIke An Auctioneer, a friend said to me, "Their confusion isn't an invalidation of your vision." No matter what one (or many) people think, when you make an ask, getting a “No” is not an invalidation of your vision, your goals and especially your worthiness.

Think about who you admire.

What kind of asks did they have to make to get to that level of impact and inspiration?

How can you use these observations to move yourself closer to your goals?

Remember, too, that they are just people, like you and me, who overcame obstacles to get to where they are today.


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