Skyrocket your confidence with one simple question

When I speak with women about using Asking to help reach financial and career goals, there’s one thing I hear over and over: I want the confidence to go for it.

Building a plan that gives you the confidence you need to go in strong and stay centered involves many things. Focus on what YOU need and do not get swept into the anxiety of the Ask so much that you end up either 1) not asking at all or, 2) giving away the farm.

You plan the amount, the when, and your reserve. You plan out the increments you’ll use in your negotiation. You build the rationale for your Ask. You clarify where you and your audience are aligned and misaligned and close the gap with a great story. You pick the right outfit to wear to the meeting. You design and redesign your email signature. You draft and re-draft the email, but you still haven’t pulled the trigger. You just can’t quite find that THING that helps you walk into the conversation knowing you can handle whatever happens. Why?

Because you haven't answered this question yet:

What will YOU do if you get a NO?

Answer that and you will have the confidence you need to push the button.  You can show up with your head held high and the courage you need to speak that Ask that means so much.

Why does this question matter so much?

It matters because when you know the answer, you know you’ll survive a NO. You can see beyond the high stakes moment and see your other options. You can draw power from knowing that THIS no is just ONE of the steps along your path toward your purpose or big goal in the sky.  When you have a contingency plan mapped out, you’re not trapped by the idea of getting a no. Sure, you’ll be disappointed, but not crushed. Because you know your next step. And from there? Boom! You have the confidence you need to take that risk.


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