Power of the persona

I’m here to catalyze you and help you have the impact you want — on stage and on your goals — at the moments that really matter in your career and business. Those moments when stakes are high.

These are the moments when you really need to BRING IT. No pulling punches, no business-as-usual. These are moments when you need to perform. You need to punch through and connect from the stage, virtual or live, to move audiences toward and impact your goals. Or maybe you need to show up strong, clear and courageous for that ONE conversation or negotiation that can change everything.

Problem is, we get stuck and need something more to help us unlock our own power.

Often, that “something more” can be unlocked using the “power of the persona.”

How do you do that?  When you need that X-factor, you can find it by taking on the persona of someone who has the quality you need to get the job done.

There are hundreds of personas to choose from. Some real, some mythological, but always a useful tool to bring what you need to the moment.

Want to unlock your SELF using the power of a persona? Here’s how:


Rehearse the thing you need to do. Have a big presentation? Record it and watch it back. Have a high stakes conversation coming up? Roleplay with a colleague or friend. Then ask yourself, “what is working, what do I need more of?”


If you can’t unlock what you need more of (clarity, volume, strong language, directness, formality, courage, fun), you can call on a persona of a cultural icon, archetype or specific person who has that THING you need.


Take on that persona and act as if you are them. Voila!

When I’m in doubt and can’t unlock myself at high stakes moments, I am Annie Lennox and Robin Williams. Yes, both.

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