Don’t wait to get more. 3 things you can do to reach your goals

If you’ve been around here a while, you know my whole aim is to help you Ask for more and get it using what I’ve learned from Auctioneering — my impact hobby.

Here’s the thing, though: What it takes to be better at Asking isn’t complicated. You don’t have to wait for a big transformational learning or slog through hours of content to learn how you can get more out of each Ask you make.

Here are three things you can start doing NOW to help you maximize the opportunity in every Ask and negotiation.


Get honest and clear about your goals.This is the single most powerful tool to both make sure you’re Ask-ready AND to help you craft the best possible Ask — because when you really understand, commit and fall in love with a goal, it’s easier to Ask for what you need in a way that leaves no money or opportunity on the table. Get clear on your goals; your Asks will be better.  


Take the number you think you can get a “yes” to and increase it until you think you might get a “no.” That’s the number or amount to use. Trust that you can, most often, negotiate down to a mutually agreeable thing or amount. Then you’ll KNOW you left no money or opportunity on the table. Yes, this takes courage, and courage comes from knowing and loving your honest and clear goals.


You’ve made it bigger. Great! Now you need to define your reserve. Your reserve is the smallest counteroffer you’d say yes to. What is the minimum you’d take for that gig or the smallest role you'd be willing to take in that big, high visibility project? Know that (like, in your bones) and you’ll always be safe in the negotiation. And, when you know and commit to your reserve, you can more courageously go into your big Ask.

Use these three simple and powerful Ideas to get more out of every negotiation — this year, this quarter or even tomorrow. Don't wait. They will help you Ask for more and get it.


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