3 things about you that will help you get anything you want

Do you ever wonder what the difference is between someone who seems to be living their dream life and you?

It comes down to one thing.


That person you admire so much, who’s living the high life you wish you had? They had the guts to ask for what they really wanted. You have what it takes too, you just have to ignite it.

Chase what you want like a cheetah after an impala! Does a cheetah hesitate, waffle about and contemplate whether they are deserving? Of course not! They’d starve to death. It’s completely up to you. And let me tell you what I know about you that will help you make the strong, confident choices for your future.

1. You’re never going to ask for something you can’t handle or don’t deserve.

In my 20 years of coaching conversations, I can’t recall a single instance where a woman asked for something:

  • she couldn’t handle
  • she hadn’t earned
  • completely unrealistic

Therefore, the Asks you will make will never be too big. If you’re thinking it, it’s probably already in alignment for you.

2. You know when it’s the right time to make an Ask that matters to you in your career.

As a coach I’m not telling you what you should do. I’m asking if you are ready to ask for something. You know what the when is. You’re going to intuitively make the Asks that matter WHEN they matter.

3. You have everything you need when it’s time to Ask.

I trust you. As a co-active coach, I know you have all it takes within you. You are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You’re completely capable of crafting a bold Ask for yourself to get what you want. As your coach, I don’t necessarily have answers, but I can develop your own capacity to come up with answers for yourself.

Now that we’ve covered the 3 things about you, let me tell you 3 things I want for you:

1. When it’s time to make an Ask, Ask big enough to honor your work, mission, goals and potential.

Ask big enough to support, reinforce and honor who you are!

2. Use the capacity to know when it’s time to Ask to scan the full scope of your career.

Are there other areas that may be improved with Asking?

3. Understand that the room is big.

If you get a NO and have to walk away because values collide, realize that there are so many other opportunities. If you know that deep within yourself, you can carry the confidence to make your Asks powerfully.

Let’s end the deep, dark secret within women’s world of Asking. We all seem to hide the fact that there’s a ton of hand-wringing going on behind the scenes of Asking for things that matter in our careers and businesses. It’s a universal experience of feeling uncomfortable and frequently unworthy, even though it’s usually far from the truth. Instead, let’s support each other with practical tools to identify and articulate Asks that matter. Let’s make our Asks boldly, courageously and unapologetically.


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