Banyan Cohort

Live Retreat for Founders and Leaders


The Intensive is a two-day experience for women executives and VC-backed founders. It will be hosted in beautiful Northern California. Join the Willow Cohort with other women leveling up their voice and impact. Join the Waiting List and be notified when applications are open. Location to be confirmed.

Banyan Cohort
Live Retreat for Founders and Leaders
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With a strong focus on action and application, you will walk away from The Intensive knowing how to speak powerfully, build trust and alignment, and elevate your impact to advance your business — anytime, anywhere, forever.

The Intensive Retreat runs for two days and is wrapped with pre event content, and post event lessons and virtual coaching circles to deepen your learning and get into action.

Program Overview

Before the retreat, you'll receive:

  • pre-event welcome and a guided framework to draft your Focus Areas for the live experience.

Day 0:

Evening Welcome + Focus Areas and reception

In an evening gathering, we'll develop your key focus ares for the work you’ll do in The Intensive. Your focus areas answer 3-5 core questions that define the work you’ll do in The Intensive. They help turn ideas into action and make the experience custom to you.

Day 1:

Purpose Platform- AM session

For the first component of your Platform Map, we’ll articulate what purpose you serve and the impact you have no matter what job you’re doing. It’s you, on your purpose.

Lunch and Open Time

Provenance - PM session

The next part of your personal Platform Map is your founder/leader story. We’ll extract and articulate a more useful origin story that teaches the world about both WHO you are and WHAT you’ve done. This turns your story into a strategic asset you can use to inform your voice and build trust.

Day 2:

Point of View- AM Session

Part three of your Platform map. This is the foundation for your thought leadership. We’ll articulate how you can support your venture or leadership with a voice in the area of expertise you ACTUALLY believe in.

Lunch and Open Time

Principles -2pm-5pm

Your values in action. In this final component of your Platform Map, you’ll articulate what you need to operate at your highest level as operating principles. These help your teams know how to best work with you and make it easier for you to communicate expectations and operate together using your principles as a guide.


After the retreat, you'll receive:

  • self pace video lessons to support you as you deploy your Platform Map into your leadership communications.
  • two virtual coaching circles to help anchor your learnings for life long impact.

Who is it for?

The Intensive is ideal for you if you are a founder or leader who is:

  • Leading a company with a product in market and growing customer base
  • Facing massive growth in revenue and company size
  • Using your voice as a tool for aligning people, teams and cultures
  • Responsible for communicating with a variety of stakeholders (investors, board members, employees, etc.) with confidence and clarity
  • Establishing your founder or leader reputation and thought leadership
  • Expanding customer base with your leadership voice externally


Q: What If I cannot participate in 100% of the sessions?

  1. Life happens. We understand when unavoidable circumstances take you out of a session. But, the quality of the experience is dependent on you and your fellow cohort members. Please do your best to participate.

Q: Where are other founders sourced? Could I be placed with a competitor?

  1. Through our network, alumni and a number of VC portfolios to source founders for The Intensive. We only accept one founder per category, so you won’t be placed in the same cohort as a potential competitor.

Q: When will sessions be hosted?

  1. Cohort Sessions: Tuesdays and Thursdays, exact time TBD

Q: How much does it cost?

  1. Stand by for rates. You can pay all at once, or we can set up a payment plan for you.

Q: Will the sessions be recorded?

  1. Yes. But made available only upon completion of the cohort.

Q: How many people are in the cohort?

  1. Min 8, Max 12