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At Dia Bondi Communications (DBC) We push communication beyond transaction. We don’t teach communications “skills.” Instead, we aim for mastery.

Mastery is about building trust. It's about creating clarity about who you are as a leader — and it starts with **who you are as a person.** True mastery puts you on stable ground and gives you a platform for your voice and impact.

Through organization-wide learning experiences, event programs, private one-on-one engagements, and group intensives, together we’ll discover your unique truth as a platform for your voice and leadership, and make an impact with your voice.

Our Services

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Through private one-on-one engagements, group intensives, or bespoke engagements, we’ll help you prepare for the highest stakes moments in your career. Together we’ll discover your unique truth as a platform for your leadership and leverage your voice to make an impact.

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Dia brings her thousands of coaching hours as a secret weapon to the influential to your stage and helps your audiences move their leadership and careers forward by showing them how to tap their courage, speak more powerfully and have more impact. Dia has delivered talks and workshops for big brands and communities like Intel, Mozilla, Twitter, Dropbox, Quartz, and SalesForce.

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Our workshops bring the intimacy of our 1-1 coaching engagements paired with the power of working with a group of your peers. We’ll help you and your people find the courage to elevate their impact on their leadership, teams, strategy, and projects they lead, together.

Bespoke Engagements

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In our bespoke engagements, we’ll collaborate on designing and delivering a strategic project to elevate the impact of a leader or team aimed at a specific initiative or strategy. We’ll meet to discuss the challenge at hand and then design a learning experience, coaching series, or content to help your leaders and teams speak powerfully.

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