Your Most Powerful Voice, LIVE!

Develop your leadership voice with The Platform Map

Your voice is a strike-point for your leadership. Not simply a tool to transact information, but what is the foundation of a more powerful leadership voice?  The Platform Map- a framework for leaders to develop and find their voice, and lead with it when uncertainty reigns and it is critical to align, support and activate people, teams and cultures toward shared goals in a leadership voice that is uniquely and authentically yours.

In this two-hour interactive workshop, participants will learn: 

  • To claim their voice as a leadership tool and why that is key to leveling up their impact
  • The four components of The Platform Map as a foundation for their voice

And then create:

  • A single focus are for their leadership voice that is aligned to the business need
  • A personal Purpose Platform Statement - the first pillar of
    The Platform Map- and the cornerstone to an aligned and powerful voice

This interactive workshop will call forth leaders in the room to recognize the impact of their voice, take ownership of it, and use it as a strikepoint for their leadership while giving them real progress toward a more powerful voice that is uniquely theirs.

The Platform Map is the foundation of Dia’s Communications coaching work and has been leveraged by senior leaders at organizations such as Salesforce, Mozilla, and by countless VC backed entrepreneurs who are leading organizations in the face of massive growth. 

Optional Add On: Follow up Executive Coaching Circle. 

After the above session, we can host a follow up Coaching Circle where participants can ask questions in a setting that supports dialogue and integration of the ideas in the talk in a more personal way. In a Coaching Circle, Dia will invite up to 3 leaders to be live coached on connecting their Purpose Platform statement to their voice in a way that is unique to each leader and immediately actionable.

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