The Leaders Voice Playbook

Know your voice. Lead with it.

Purpose is a source of courage and courage supports impact

Your voice is a strike point for your leadership not simply a tool to transact information.  But what is the foundation of a more powerful leadership voice?  The Platform Map- a tool for leaders to develop and find their voice so they can speak powerfully and lead.

In this talk, we’ll uncover the power of developing your voice through:

  • Defining the purpose that drives your voice.
  • A better origin story as an asset for securing relationship and trust.
  • Identifying the difference between your voice and the voice of your venture (and how they work -together) is a critical component to elevating your leadership impact.
  • Taking your values from idea to action a guide.

Combined with follow-up coaching circles, this talk is perfect for Executive development experiences where V/C backed founders and Sr. leaders are looking for a pathway to establish their leadership voice in their organizations and markets.

The Platform Map is extremely helpful guide in having more impact with my leadership voice. I’m using it all the time now.”
Mike Robirds,
Founder and CEO Charge Companies

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