Bespoke Engagements

Bespoke Engagements

Looking for something more personalized for yourself or your team? In our bespoke engagements, we’ll collaborate on designing and delivering a strategic project to elevate the impact of a leader or team aimed at a specific initiative or strategy.

What to Expect

DBC takes on a limited amount of bespoke strategic projects. We’ll collaborate to design and partner on content, programs, and professional development experiences that help amplify and elevate the voice of a brand, initiative, or leader.

Dia's work had a huge impact on the team and I personally benefited from working 1:1 with her in preparation for one of the highest stakes communications moments in my career. As our Communications Coach and story strategist, she was instrumental in the team's success."
Agberto Guimaraes,
Former Sports Director , Rio2016 Olympic Bid Campaign, Rio 2016 Executive Director of Sports and Sports Management Consultant.

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