Ask Like an Auctioneer

Ask for more. Get it.

How to Ask for more and get it

Learn to think like an auctioneer so you can Ask Like an Auctioneer and never leave money or opportunity on the table again, ever.

We wring our hands over asking for money (and so many other things) on behalf of ourselves and our businesses. When we finally do ask, we ask for what we think we can get without really knowing what’s possible. The truth is we can ask for more, and ask until we’re certain we’re getting what the market or situation will bear. We can do this unapologetically and directly. 

The program combines my communications expertise with my impact hobby of auctioneering for women lead non profits and non profits benefiting women and girls. The bold and new approach empowers attendees to both ask for more AND get it using the mental model of auctioneering.

Give me 45 minutes, and I’ll prove that one Ask has the power to change everything. If you Ask Like an Auctioneer.

During the Keynote and Q&A audiences will:

  • Open their eyes to the power and potential of Asking Big
  • Understand the 2 key concepts that cause us to leave money and opportunity on the table EVERY TIME
  • Learn how to embolden your Asks by using the nine most powerful ideas, insights and frameworks from auctioneering

By the end of this short session, you’ll have what you need to make courageous Asks that put you back in control of your path and your trajectory. 

And audience memebers will be able to start asking for more the moment they step out of the session.

The concepts are simple, immediately actionable and apply to every goal anyone might have in their career or business.

When you Ask Like an Auctioneer, you can get more of what you need to reach your goals faster.

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