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I share the curriculum I make.  You can use it, you can hack it.

This class was not made for you, but it can be yours.  Links below. Description less below.

Want to run it?  Your requirements are:

Don’t suck, listen, be curious, have fun, ask good questions, make people successful.

Working with- A One-Day workshop for Teams
“What we resist persists”
Sonia Johnson

Working with what is instead of what we wish to be is hard.  But the more we resist facing what is, the larger a problem it can become.  Time wasted, failed strategies, frustration, and a feeling of doing it “all wrong” can take the wind out of our pursuit of excellence and reduce us to just getting it done.

This one-day course is designed for teams who have to function in difficult circumstances, with difficult clients and seemingly un-attainable demands.  It is a course dedicated to its name:
Together we’ll:
1) Explore assumptions we carry and perspectives we sit in when working with difficult clients/projects
2) Visit what values we want to work from
3) Co-create an action plan
4) Commit to next steps




now go kick ass with love.

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