Work with watcha got

Work is never perfect.  Never is the execution flawless from end to end.  I got hit upside the head with this last weekend when we finally, after months and months of preparation, put on a live orientation training for nearly 1500 volunteers who, in January, will staff events on behalf of the Superbowl 50 Host Committee for the entire Superbowl game week (I know, you’re not a sports fan, nor am I, but the Host Committee has some bad ass initiatives that got me hooked- things like this, and this, and this).

Back to the show.

At the top of rehearsals, we were ready…mostly.  Without going into the hairy detials, let’s just say there were some things we needed we didn’t have- papers, plans and answers.  That left us with two choices:

  1. freak out, or
  2. shut the fuck up already and work with what we got.

Show time was coming.  Guess which one we chose?

Look around you,  instead of focusing on and using lots of words and energy to describe what’s wrong, what we don’t have, who droped what ball or why something won’t work- take invantory of what you DO have?  Look at who’s standing right in front of you and get into motion.  Ask the questions, make the offers:

  • Any ideas on how we can solve this?
  • What else could we do?
  • What can I get you?
  • Who’s here who knows about this kind of challenge?
  • What can we let go of?
  • What would make this easier?
  • What if we (fill in the blank)?

Being resoucefull is fun (and leaderly).  In the end, we put on a great show for a packed house.  And   we fixed what needed to be fixed with a few short conversations, some brave decisions, a pair of sicors and some tape, a ball cap, and the willingness to let the show go on.










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