Executive Coaching

Executive and Leadership Communications

Whether you’ve arrived at a new level of visibility in your workplace, have an upcoming speaking engagement, or want to develop your presence as a leader, Dia works to help you have a point and have a point of view.

Working with Dia means getting direct, usable feedback on how to grow the range of your leadership communications through targeted coaching. Options include:

Keynote Preparation – Better define your presence, voice and story for a high-stakes presentation.  Internal communication or industry keynote, when you have to be clear, credible and compelling, coaching makes the difference.

Communications as Leadership – Work closely on a multi-month basis that includes onsite shadowing, a leadership communications audit, and skillful practice.

Retained Advisory and Coaching – Retainer model for 6 months to 1 year, available on an ongoing basis to work through challenges that arise in your communications strategy, crucial communications moments and overall leadership presence.