Executive Coaching

Executive and Leadership Communications

Context is everything.  There are no absolutes.  You won’t get put through an off-the-shelf program or protocol with me.  We’ll work together to understand you, your challenge and how to rise to it.  I’ll come to you ready to see you in your context and I’ll come with a beginners mind and a sword in my hand.

Whether you’ve arrived at a new level of visibility in your organization, have an upcoming speaking engagement that will make or break an event or business strategy, or want to develop your presence as a leader, Dia works to help you clarify your point and have a point of view so you can align audiences and be clear, compelling and credible. 

Working with Dia means collaborating to develop a story strategy that links your leadership voice to the greater business strategy and getting direct, usable feedback on the how deliver that story.  Clarity of message, presence in delivery and broader range in style will support you when it it matters most. Because leadership communications has the potential to codify and cultivate culture, clarify direction and inspire movement.

Coaching Programs:

Communications Performance & Keynote Preparation 

Better define your presence, voice and story for a high-stakes presentation, internal communication or industry keynote.  Elevate your profile, understand your strengths and grow your range so you can present with excellence when it matters most.  When you have to be clear, credible and compelling, coaching makes the difference.

Gain the clarity you need to create and deliver content you own

Be compelling, influence your audience and elevate your presence

Earn credibility by aligning your personal brand with organizational values

For Executives, this approach is best for:

First time VP or C-Suite leaders who need to meet a new set of expectations before a big audience

Leaders who need to re-establish themselves in a new role for an organization

Campaign speeches and roadshows

All-Hands corporate events where business strategy, culture and leadership need synthesis

For Communications and Events Professionals: 

Executive Producers who want to ensure better event experience and need their stage talent to do well hire Dia to work with their talent. 

Large scale multi-media events where Leaders need to shine in a more complex environment hire Dia to ensure key talent are successful under these conditions.

Communications Professionals who recognize their Executive’s need to grow their communications competency to delivery against a Corporate strategy. 

The format and duration of this engagement will be custom scoped to meet your need and most often requires a combination of remote support and live onsite coaching. 

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Communications as Leadership

Communications is Leadership.  Being skillful with communications beyond the spotlight moment can help you navigate relationships, ignite teams, codify and cultivate culture and help the organization reach higher. Work closely with Dia on a multi-month basis that includes onsite shadowing, a leadership communications audit, and skillful practice.  In this coaching experience you’ll become more aware of your impact in and on a room and broaden your range of communication tools to more skillfully raise your voice, align your teams and move toward shared goals. 

Develop your Thought Leadership Platform

Deliver authority and approachability across all communications

Strengthen relationships and respond to changes as an inspired leader

This program is best for Leaders who:

Have to be more fluid between contexts

Want to be known for being good and inspiring communicators

Are invested in continuous improvement and growth

Need to a broader range of communications tools for a new role

Need to establish a clearer leadership platform and presence

This approach ranges from 3-6 months and will be customized to fit your need.

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Retained Advisory and Coaching

Retainer model for 6 months to 1 year, available on an ongoing basis to work through challenges that arise in your communications strategy, crucial communications moments and overall leadership presence.

“…she transformed how I communicated it to the larger audiences. She made me hear my story in a whole new way. And that in 30 minutes! Dia is cheerful, wonderful personality and brings joy to the room everywhere she is. Love working with her and anyone who hasn’t must get an opportunity to do so.”

Sylvie Veilleux, CIO Dropbox 

“Work with Dia was amazing! She could feel the right environment of the job and understood how each one of the presenters could reach their potential. A very professional coach with a strong commitment to the project.”


Rodrigo Garcia, Sports Director at the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee Olymic and Paralympic Games