Coaching & Consulting

Executive and Leadership Communications Coaching

Whether you’ve arrived at a new level of visibility in your workplace, have an upcoming speaking engagement, or want to develop your presence as a leader, Dia works to help you have a point and have a point of view.

Working with Dia means getting direct, usable feedback on how to grow the range of your leadership communications through targeted coaching. Options include:

Keynote Preparation – Better define your presence, voice and story for a high-stakes presentation.  Internal communication or industry keynote, when you have to be clear, credible and compelling, coaching makes the difference.

Communications as Leadership – Work closely on a 6-month basis that includes onsite shadowing, a leadership communications audit, and skillful practice.

Retained Advisory – Retainer model for 6 months to 1 year, available on an ongoing basis to work through challenges that arise in your communications strategy, crucial communications moments and overall leadership presence.





Organizational Competency, Culture and Designed Learning Experiences

Your organization is in transformation.  It’s scaling or repositioning itself and is ready to evolve without loosing it’s DNA.  Combining the recognition that all organizations are a complex assembly of individuals, Dia will work with your communications, marketing or culture team to identify leverage points and strategies to grow and cultivate your people, teams and your organization or community to ignite talent in a way that’s aligned to who you are and to business goals.  Consulting engagements include:

Learning Strategy- Develop a approach to learning that is aligned to an organizations DNA, Values and Vision.  In collaboration with your stakeholders, we’ll co-create key principles that will drive future learning experiences and position the strategy to resonate with all stakeholders.

Designed Learning Experiences– In today’s dynamic and decentralized organizations, learning experiences are more than skills training.  We’ll get to the root of the learning need through Discovery and then design an experience that addresses that need in away that’s aligned to business, talent and culture goals.

Event Program Design- Events are an opportunity to create clarity and ignite action.  Whether a regular All Hands or an offsite for a business group, gatherings can be an accelerant.  Working with Dia to develop the approach, design and content means marrying the best of communications and people development practices to create and experience that is clear, compelling and credible.

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Clients include:

Intel Corp / The Intel Developer Forum     I     Rio 2016 Bid Committee     I     Clinton Global Initiative     I     Progressive Insurance     I     Mozilla, Inc.     I     I     Singularity University     I     George P. Johnson     I     Omada Health     I     Open Networking Foundation     I     Twitter     I     Five Currents     I     Istanbul 2020 Bid Committee