Work with Dia


“The best part of this work is really getting to know my clients and then making sure their audiences can too. In the process, my clients get to know themselves a bit better and grow the best part of themselves.  Confidence, tenderness, directness, play…whatever their edge is, we sharpen it and use it.  I want them to be clear, compelling and credible in their own unique way.”



Dia is a Leadership Communications Coach who’s mission is cause positive transformation for you, your teams and your cultures by:

  • Amplifying leadership  impact through one-on-one Executive Communications Coaching.
  • Aligning people, teams and cultures to shared goals through shaping strategic leadership communication experiences.
  • Communications Coaching for Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Independents who need to inspire their audiences and accelerate their work through crucial communications moments.

Working with Dia means getting right to the heart of your message, finding a powerful voice and using it to advance your mission, big or small.


“She is amazing in how she works with her customers and colleagues in creating a message. When working with her on a strategy presentation, she transformed how I communicated it to the larger audiences. She made me hear my story in a whole new way. Love working with her and anyone who hasn’t must get an opportunity to do so.”

Sylvie Veilleux, CIO at Dropbox 

“Work with Dia was amazing! She could feel the right environment of the Job and understood how each one of the presenters could reach their potential. A very professional coach with a strong commitment to the project.”

Rodrigo Garcia, Sports Director at Rio2106 Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games


Clients include:

Intel Corp / The Intel Developer Forum     I     Rio 2016 Bid Committee     I     Clinton Global Initiative     I     Progressive Insurance     I     Mozilla, Inc.     I     I     Singularity University     I     George P. Johnson     I     Omada Health     I     Open Networking Foundation     I     Twitter     I     Five Currents     I     Istanbul 2020 Bid Committee     I     Maxim Integrated     I     Event Knowledge Services