Who do I root for?

I want to root for something or someone. If you don’t help me know who or what to root for, I’m lost. You know that feeling in the beginning of a bad movie where you’re stuck asking “wait, who’s she? oh she doesn’t matter? wait, what’s this movie about?” If you don’t know what its about, it’s a bad movie. And I’m not strictly talking topic.

I want someone to win, or find ways to overcome challenges, to see the struggle and be invested in the outcome.

So when I ask you “What’s your presentation about?” Don’t answer with, “It’s about release Engineering”. Instead, answer, “It’s about how release Engineering fought to become an influencer, not just a service provider.”

Now I want to root for Release Engineering. I want to see the struggle and silently root for the hero as he overcomes obstacles and wins!

That’ll keep me in the theater.

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