It’s Thing 8-Silence rocks people

I sat in an audience yesterday and listened to people talk from a stage.  They talked about stuff, and as they did, I thought about thing 8.

Shut it. Audiences like that.

We have a deep need to be understood, to make sure you get it, to explain, and then explain again but in a little different way and then check again by reexplaining in yet another way.  All the while stepping on our punch lines, plowing past our best words, kicking up dust.  Often, the best way to land an idea is to say it well once, then shut it.  Audiences like that.

How do I know?  Because it’s the stuff I look for AND because yesterday one guy did it.  When he paused, you could feel the room shift.  People got out their phones and took pictures of the screen behind him.  People nodded.

And that takes planning, discipline, practice, and trust in yourself and your audience.

Next time you have the need to explain it yet again, ask if that’s your need or the audience’s need.  And if it’s yours, say it well once, then shut it.   Audiences like that.

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