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There’s nothing more thrilling than bringing something valuable, useable and real to an audience.  I promise to make it fun, fulfilling and make you stretch enough to make it worth your time and attention. 

Signature Talks

Side Doors: The surprising and secret way we access our professional genius  

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Abstract: How we see what matters is how we do what we do- understanding and giving big cred to how we each see the art of our work.  The “how” is the Side Door you use to access your genius and forge your ideas into the world in a way that is uniquely yours.  In over 20 years of coaching executives, entrepreneurs and technologies and champions for social good, I’ve seen thousands of people bring to the story of their Side Door as it is the juice of their success, it’s the life force of their story, it’s the inspiration. 

For some, it’s about technique, for other’s it’s about process, and still for others it’s about something unimaginable.  We each have an art to how we do what we do.  Let’s make room for that and make it your right way, not the secret you hold.

Photo by: Marc Fiorito



Photo by: Marc Fiorito

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“When Dia takes the stage, you can’t help but put your phone away. There are no passive observers. Her energy pulls you in and you can’t help but join her – you become a participant in her story and through that she creates value for both individuals and organizations every time. She has all sorts of novel ways to make it a conversation. ”

Mary Colvig, Marketing Director, Textiles and Fashion


“Dia is in a league of her own because she speaks from a powerful place that calls the audience to realize a higher self that is more authentic and courageous.”

Rodino Anderson, Executive Director L&D, D&I at Maxim Integrated


Ask Like an Auctioneer: Ask til you get a no, not to get a yes.   

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I am a leadership communications coach with thousands of hours of coaching over nearly twenty years working with with leaders of nearly every profile to be more clear, compelling and credible. 

Over the years I’ve noticed a pattern;  women wring their hands over asking for money on behalf of themselves and their business.  When we do ask,  we ask only for what we think we can get and end up leave money on the table. 

Combining my two passions, leadership communications coaching and fundraising auctioneering,  I’ve created #asklikeanauctioneer- a talk addressing this issue by providing a new mental model for helping women ask for money and ask for more money. 

I this one hour talk, Dia will flip that model and challenge women to ask for higher and higher numbers until they get a “no”- it’s the only way to know you’ve got the absolute maximum amount.  Think about it, it’s exactly what Auctioneers do, we ask for more, until we get a no, and then sell it for the last amount someone said “YES!” to.  It’s a powerful, scary and thrilling idea and when you use it, you’ll be surprised at what you get. 

Photo by: Shelli Rivoli

“Dia is a fast-talking, quick-thinking fundraising expert.  She’ll get you set up and ready to fund your grassroots campaign!”

Saira Rao, Founder of In this Together Media and Congressional Primary Candidate, 2018. 

This talk is perfect for:

  • Women running for public office who have to dial for dollars
  • Women solopreneurs looking to ask more boldly and explore their market value 
  • Freelance creatives and designers who need their rates to match their skill
  • Entrepreneurs who need to quickly get comfortable asking for money

What you’re get:

  • A new mental model that will enable you to ask more easily and ask for more
  • No more handwringing about setting your rates, fundraise directly and ask for money for your business.
  • A new perspective/role that enables asking for more easier and even fun!
  • Learn to be an agent for yourself and your business, so you can be free to #asklikeanauctioneer

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Sample Panel Moderation for SheEO 2017 Activator Event

SheEO is a global community of women radically transforming how we finance, support, and celebrate female innovators.

In this event, Dia hosted an informal and intimate conversation with the Founder of SheEO and two Women Entrepreneurs who were selected as SheEO Ventures for 2016.  In this session it was important to weave the individual stories of the Ventures into the Impact SheEO is having in the world.

Photo By: Myleen Hollero (

“I had already met Dia several times and knew her to be engaging and entertaining.  However, seeing her lead and manage the discussion was a treat.  Her energy reaches across the room and engages the audience.  She kept the timing and flow of speaker transitions while also allowing and encouraging interaction with the audience.”

Elsa Kitts, SheEO Activator and Managing Director Easy Biz Printing


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