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Share the Story- Talks and other media 

I love being in the wings, but sometimes I like to pick up a mic to share what I’ve learned and seen in the thousands of hours of rehearsals, coaching and experimentation my clients have done with me.

In addition to private coaching, Dia speaks on the power of authentic communication and storytelling in the world of entrepreneurship and startups, corporate leadership, creativity and fundraising.


Example talks:

The art of your work-knowing what matters in doing what you do:

How we see what matters is how we do what we do- understanding and giving big cred to how we each see the art of our work.  In over 20 years of coaching executives, entrepreneurs and technologies and champions for social good, I’ve seen thousands of people bring to the fore not just what they do, how they do what they do as their unique and beautiful take on what matters in their work.  For some, it’s about technique, for other’s it’s about process, and still for others it’s about something unimaginable.  We each have an art to how we do what we do.  Let’s make room for that and make it your right way, not the secret you hold.

When we show our work, we show ourselves:

The stories we tell our clients, collaborators and the world about our work don’t just make space for the work itself, it makes space for us.  In thousands of speaker coaching engagements, I’ve seen over and over that our work shows who we are, not just what we do.  Our choices about what matters, the hopes we embed in our work and the passion we often hide away because it’s just too much, needs to breathe; because your colleagues want to see it, you’re audiences want to see it.  Having the courage to share and show yourself in your work is a risk worth taking.  


Ask like an auctioneer– a talk for solopreneurs, freelancers and passionate souls:

Some of my most rewarding coaching is with solopreneurs, freelancers and friends who are both crafting their story (pitch) and delivering it in order to ASK for dollars…a scope of work, a daily rate, a project fee or a big fat investment.  Too often, these clients shape their asks on what they think they can get, not what they really need.  In this short and fun talk, we’ll explore a new mental model, one where you ask like an auctioneer.  You ask for what you want and know in the process you’ve left nothing on the table.  Using this model can be fun, playful, empowering and can lower the stakes and help you reach a little further when it’s your turn to ask for the money.

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