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Dia is unapologetically intense and unflinchingly compassionate.

Dia Bond is a Communications Catalyst helping high-reaching professionals speak powerfully to advance their goals. She has worked with CEOs, innovators and ambitious professionals and led workshops at corporations including Quartz, Salesforce, Google's X.team, and Dropbox. She helped Rio secure the 2016 Summer Olympics and has spoken at influential events across the globe. After attending auctioneering school for fun, she translated the techniques she learned into a program that prepares women to ask for more and leave nothing on the table, called Ask Like an Auctioneer. That project produced a mission- to put more money and decision making power in the hands of women so we can change everything for all of us. She's been featured on CNBC Make It, Forbes and Fast Company. Her book, Ask Like an Auctioneer will be published in 2023. Listen to her podcast Lead With Who You Are.


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