Recorded the voice

With the help Sean Bolton I forced myself to start blogging.  Well, start stop then start and stop again.  The medium is not the most alluring for me.  But, talking? I can get down with that!

I already talked about ArtWerk.  Or, I wrote about it…a little. Here’s my point: writing isn’t my thing right now.  Talking is.  Podcasting is rad.

Last week we finally shipped.  ArtWerk the podcast is now live on ITunes, Stitcher and on our website Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.58.02 PM

Amelia Mulkey and I had a blast putting our ideas and energy into a shared microphone. It was magic, and it’s just the beginning. We have places we want to go.

What I realize is, medium matters.  I am so thrilled and excited and ampted to record our next ArtWerk where we’ll talk, not write, about the 1st oft the Things- the ones I hinted at here on my blog.

What I’m also thrilled, excited and amped about is hearing from our tribe.  The awesome community of thinkers and talkers and writers I know who will coach us, give us feedback, tell us what’s working and not working about how we talk about the art of work.  Talk, not write.  It’s harder than you think and easier than I thought.

In the next week we’ll put into our channels.  For now you can find us:

@artwerking and right here.

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