Private coaching.


Dia only takes a limited number of clients each year for her exclusive, bespoke coaching experiences. They range from shorter engagements aimed at a discrete goal to longer term relationships designed to help you meet a new set of expectations when your communications are mission critical and have the potential to amplify your impact. These engagements are designed for leaders facing high leverage communications opportunities. They are both about the task at hand and your long term transformation.


Your Most Powerful Self

In a series of online sessions over 4–6 weeks, Dia will help you prepare leading up to a specific crucial communications moment when you have to get it right. This isn’t just about performance. It’s about finding — and speaking — your truth to leave a meaningful, lasting impact on your audience.


The Leader’s Voice (6 months or 1 year)

When you speak, people listen. You have the power to codify culture, clarify direction and make it possible for your organizations and audiences to move forward together. Through a combination of calls and face-to-face meetings, this series of focused, intensive sessions gives you a direct line to Dia as she guides and supports you through your organization’s next challenges by leveraging communications moments as a tool for accelerating change and as a strike point for your leadership. You have a chance to communicate a clear, compelling vision at every opportunity — and you never know when that next opportunity will arise.


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