Get meta with Dia and Arthur as they look back at the first 20 episodes, giving a behind the scenes look at The Dia Bondi Show, past, present, and future!

Hear about Dia's recent trip to a podcasting conference, her new goal to become a great podcaster, the fact that Arthur doesn't actually know what he's doing, and multiple train breaks!

In this episode we take you a bit behind the scenes.  Dia talks about some new goals she has and we do a retrospective take on what’s working on the show (and what’s not).  We’re 20 episodes in and would love to hear from you about how we’re doing.

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Get meta with Dia and Arthur as they look back at the first 20 episodes, giving a behind the scenes look at The Dia Bondi Show, past, present, and future!

Hear about Dia's recent trip to a podcasting conference, her new goal to become a great podcaster, the fact that Arthur doesn't actually know what he's doing, and multiple train breaks!

In this episode we take you a bit behind the scenes.  Dia talks about some new goals she has and we do a retrospective take on what’s working on the show (and what’s not).  We’re 20 episodes in and would love to hear from you about how we’re doing.

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Arthur  00:00

All right, all right roll in


Dia Bondi00:07

Episode 21 and episode


Arthur  00:10

21 title entitled slate Alright, yeah


Dia Bondi00:42

hello everybody welcome to the DIA Bondy show a big podcast for your goals. I'm dia Bondi longtime leadership communications Coach, and we're here to help you speak powerfully ask for more and get okay do it again.


Arthur  00:55

Yeah, start over.


Dia Bondi00:57

Hello, everyone. Welcome to the DIA Bondi show a big podcast for women with goals. And we are so happy to be here to help you ask for more and get it. Researcher dreams and speak powerfully is the way you can do it. We are so happy to help you have conviction around your goals and dreams for yourself. The tools that you need the mentor voices that will help you feel not so alone as you move toward those goals. And we are joined today, like every day with my favorite on our bestie Arthur Leon Adams the third aka baby Hello, baby. Hello, DIA. We've been spoken in so long. I feel like it's been a little while. Yeah. And we have no guest on this show. Today. No guest now we are listeners You are our guest today Be our guest.


Arthur  01:44

The show is our guest.


Dia Bondi01:46

Yes, exactly. And I so I


Arthur  01:49

like how New York City is the fifth character and a lot of TV shows and movies, you know, Deobandi show, oh,


Dia Bondi01:54

is the third character so good. I, we didn't even look really like we, we sort of have our outline, you know, in our hearts and minds now. And I just we don't even have a script to you know, questions I want to ask you. I just have sort of an outline of some stuff I wanted to talk to you about today. And to you listeners about today. Yeah, let's do it. Chop it up. So um, I this last weekend, I went to a podcasting conference, you knew that.


Arthur  02:21

I did know that. He told me all about it for days, he told me about it beforehand. But I haven't heard the debrief about what happened, which is crazy for


Dia Bondi02:29

me to go to a conference of any type, I have to say like I am what you would call a socially anxious extrovert. Like, if I'm on stage in front of 1000 people, I absolutely know where to put my hands. But you put me in a small clutch outside of a ballroom and I have no idea where to put my hands. So I you know, I did the thing I like I went and I faced myself. Right? And it was successful. I did. Okay.


Arthur  03:00

Was there anyone else that you knew there?


Dia Bondi03:02

No. But I didn't know that's not true. There was one of the person I knew there. And she reached out to me and say, Hey, I saw you're gonna be there. So that was great. I'm gonna reach out to a couple other folks before I went who I wanted to connect with. And so that was great. But I really like I took it easy. And I just instead of having a big heavy agenda, I stepped into the weekend, just sort of with some openness to try not to do too much. I gave myself a little gave myself the the 10 Minute permission, which is like if I went to a session, and I didn't write something down in the first 10 minutes, then I let myself leave and go to another session I was curious about so I didn't get stuck, you know, I can get stuck. I could just sort of follow my own lead around what was interesting and compelling to me. And I came away with a few. A few ideas. I've decided, Oh, cool. One is that it really, you know, a lot of the conversations are about who we're really talking to, and what who matters in your show. And I just want for folks who are new listeners or folks who have been listening, I really like over the weekend re fell in love with those of you. You know, for you listeners, who in my mind are folks who have goals or are in between goals, but know that they're gonna find one. You know, I feel like there's a lot of content out in the planet, a lot of programs as well for folks who are like, in a place where they don't know what they want. And you know, the content is designed for helping you figure that out. I really love serving folks who know what they want, and now they're getting to getting into action around it. That isn't to say on the show, we won't help you with some goal frameworks or you know, sort of reflecting on self and what you want to do but, but I really want to be holding in my heart and mind those of you who really, you know what you want you woke up this morning, you've heard me say this before you woke up this morning. And you said, That's it, I'm gonna be director one day, or you woke up this morning and said, I'm starting a nonprofit to do X, Y, and Z, or you woke up this morning, and said, That's it. I'm writing a novel, or you woke up this right, like, it hit you. Yeah, I think it's a really easy group of folks to overlook. And you know, because yes, you are ambitious, you do have it together, you are someone who has a clear enough picture for yourself that you want to start getting into motion around it, you are competent in your domain, maybe you're even an expert in your domain. And so it's easy for for these folks to maybe for you to get overlooked. Because you're not, you're not in a position where you're lost, you're found. And now you're just trying to now you're just trying to move toward what matters. So I just it really, you know, over the weekend, at this podcasting conference, I really realized that like, yes, those of you who were speaking, we're speaking to if that description, you know, reflects who you are, like you're in the right place, and we hope we're going to be doing a decent job for you. The other thing that really stood out for me was that I think there's actually two types of guests. We want to really name and claim on this show going forward. Mentor voices and experts. Like we're wanting I'm thinking about, you know, our last guest, Jane Finet. What a beautiful mentor voice. Folks like Myra Benjamin, I think I don't know what episode she was 12 or something. Mentor voice and my expectation is that going forward, we're gonna go find more mentor voices for you. I was actually reading on on the airplane, I was reading unlocked, J Infinites. New Book unlocked empowered women, empower women. And the first section is about the mentors that she's had in her life that have been meaningful to her moving toward building a life and career that matters to her and having the impact that she that she wants. And I kind of made me feel sad, Arthur? Yeah, well,


Arthur  07:13

why did it make you feel sad, is that


Dia Bondi07:15

I was kind of having a hard time coming up with my list. And it's, I don't think it's that I'm ungrateful to the folks who helped me. And I don't know exactly the difference between folks who've mentored me and folks who've just, you know, helped accelerate me without a mentor voice attached to it, you know, right, right. So I was just, I mean, I put together a list, but I really felt sad for my younger self, you know, that. I did it. And I don't know if we always have folks in our lives that are mentoring us that we recognize as mentors until we look backward. But that sort of sadness I had, on my way to this event that I went to sort of stayed with me a little bit. And I was reflecting on it and realizing like, one thing we can do on this show is provide our listeners provide all of you some more meaningful mentor voices, folks that you can listen to that aren't just that aren't just giving advice, but also sharing their own journey and their insights, folks that are maybe further along in the path, but have walked that path. So mentor voices is going to be something I'm going to try to curate for folks going forward. And also experts as well, for sure. Like we'll continue with folks who have expertise like Shasta Nelson expert in friendship, right. Those are fun conversations. Are they not? Are they're


Arthur  08:39

they're great conversations. And I don't actually see too much of a distinction between that and a mentor voice because you could need mentoring and friendship.


Dia Bondi08:51

Oh, yes. I think that's totally fair. I just as I think about who I invite on the show, and why I'm inviting them. Yeah. You know, when I think about folks, like I can think of one former CIO of a large tech company, she would be somebody I'd like to reach out to she's not necessarily an expert in career development are an expert in how you achieve your goals in your career and export expert networking are an expert in Right,


Arthur  09:19

right. Train big one got a train break.


Dia Bondi09:26

She's an expert in a in IT infrastructure. But she has a beautiful mentor voice to talk to you about how about her own career journey, her own journey toward, you know, naming and claiming her own her own way of leading and the strategy that she's personally used to achieve the life and the impact that she has. And so in that way to me, they're they're distinctive, right?


Arthur  09:58

Totally Although you could have, you could get both out of one guest.


Dia Bondi10:05

So yeah. 100% So there's those are the two things that hit me in terms of content over the weekend. Okay.


Arthur  10:13

What else?


Dia Bondi10:14

And the other thing that hit me is that I think I have a new goal. It's it's sort of a personal development challenge type goal. You know, I have goals in my business, you know, I have goals, you know, around what, what kinds of clients I want them wanting to work with, you know, how many stages I'll take in the next year and my speed the speaking portion of my business, how many workshops I wanted to, you know, those are like, sort of very business, you know, revenue focused impact focus goals,


Arthur  10:42

but hella goals.


Dia Bondi10:43

I got hella goals. But I also haven't really had one for me. You know, like, you know, read certain books are meditators certain number of I've developed new habit in one way or another, like, I just haven't found one that I that I'm curious enough about. We're getting another big train coming. Okay.


Arthur  11:07

I didn't really hear the last one. Really. It was so loud. Maybe it was because of the way zoom works. It was muting it or


Dia Bondi11:15

something that's so interesting. One thing I learned is it like this is the worst podcasting mic. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Too much back too much background noise. Too much stuff, like too hot. Gotcha. So I want to I want to be able to talk about that in a second. Yeah. Okay, so I'll keep going. So I don't know if you're gonna leave that part in or if you're going to cut it out. But there it is.


Arthur  11:33

We'll see. We'll see. So, uh,


Dia Bondi11:38

I see these trains are busy today. You can't hear I'm not hearing it. It's crazy. It's like it's gonna come right into the building and smashed me like like


Arthur  11:50

that early film from the late 1800s. With the train came toward the camera. And it was so scary to people watching it. They like ran out of the way thinking the train was gonna come out of the theater. Yeah. And the theater.


Dia Bondi12:03

Totally. No, it's so loud and big. It feels like it's gonna smash into me like in a Spider Man film. Yeah, it's crazy.


Arthur  12:09

I will have to listen to the final audio, but I don't think it's really coming through


Dia Bondi12:13

that one even.


Arthur  12:13

Okay, okay, I


Dia Bondi12:15

heard that. You got that one. You got that one? Everybody? Yeah. Okay. So we'll just keep going if you just keep going through the train. So I yeah, I haven't had a goal that is really something I'm interested in like, I mean, do you have a particular interest in an instrument right now that you're developing yourself on? Like, what are you working on right now? That's like something that's got caught your attention?


Arthur  12:37

Right? You know, I've never been super interested in like mastery of an instrument. Since I was a kid. I mean, I took piano lessons for a long time. But other than that, I'm self taught, and I just use them. I get good enough so that I could maybe pick out a few licks for recording. But like, I have a banjo and I have a lap steel. But there isn't an instrument that I'm particularly trying to get into or, or learn or master. I'm not sure what I have as a personal like, is it development goal right now big surprise is? Yeah. So cat and me are in our band, big surprise, we are slowly trying to get through recording a record. And then we'll, when it's safe to perform again, get a band together and perform shows, you know, rock clubs and stuff. But it's been a little slow. We've been dealing with some cats been dealing with some health issues. So we haven't been exactly working on the music as much as we were before.


Dia Bondi13:44

Have you been writing at all? Or is working on the music the same as writing are those separate processes for you? Right?


Arthur  13:53

So we have songs that we've written, and then we started to record, there's like, five, six songs that we have, you know, recorded 50 to 75% of the instruments and vocals and stuff on for a little album we're gonna put out, but we also Yeah, we write songs. But we haven't really had songwriting sessions for a little while. But we're gonna get back to all of


Dia Bondi 14:15

that. Yeah. Well, I know that it's still I hear in that, that it's still holding your attention. It's just that like, you're having a look. Yes, exactly. That thing where you like, think about it all the time.


Arthur  14:27

In fact, like two and a half weeks ago, just on a whim, we were like, Hey, let's just try to record something real fast. And we just started recording this cover song for fun and got about halfway through it. Need to get back to it. But yeah, so we still and we practice our songs, you know that our little repertoire of songs that we've written? Yeah. You know, but we were going much more hardcore at it. Last year.


Dia Bondi14:52

Yes, yes. Yeah. Well, I, you know, well, I also have kind of seen myself as somebody who likes Do a lot of things just good enough to be like, Yes, I did that I like I know how to do that. There are also I noticed there are some places where I really like to pursue some level of mastery, personal mastery, one that I can say like, I don't just, I can't just say that I can do that. But I'm actually I understand how to be good at it for myself, I understand what makes me good at doing it, I understand how to approach it in a way that is, like, I understand my process, and and I have command over it. Right. And I have to say, like, over the weekend, I realized like, I actually want to be a good podcaster Yeah, like, not just that we have a podcast, everybody, you you're probably laughing at me like, yeah, you have a podcast, that means you're a good podcaster like I'm listening, but but like not just good production, not just great music, like you have not like not just good programming, but like Actually, me personally, being a better interviewer, me being more courageous about having guests that can be in conversation, not just in, you know, pitching us on their expertise that we can have, that I take the the better, more interesting path when I have a choice to go this way, or that in the conversations that I have, with guests with you and with others, that I actually am in relationship with a microphone, that I understand, really, that my experience, and the experience that you all are having of us is intimate and audio only. And like what does that mean, for how I show up on the mic for you. I also have been having, I don't know, you can hear this, but I've been having some trouble with my voice. So I'm, I'm in pursuit of some voice coaching, I have a lot of strain. And at the end of the day, I actually have pain at the sort of at the back of my soft palate. It's not sort of on either side of my voice or my or either side of my throat. It's like in the back of my throat like I have a chip stuck in the back of my throat.


Arthur  17:08

Uh huh. I've had that.


Dia Bondi17:10

You have had that?


Arthur  17:12

Yeah, I mean, you know, as well, I have, I have a weird, and I've never gotten evaluated, but this has always been my self evaluation. So going on tour with rock and roll bands, you know, you, you go through your set, and you sing and you scream, and then afterwards, you talk to a bunch of people, and then maybe even you have a sing along on the tour bus or whatever, and you're up really late. And I my issue has always been I have a very low speaking voice, but I sing more in my upper registers. And it can just, I can wreck my voice just from talking in the morning. Yeah, after a night of performing. And also I've, I've, I've come to think that my voice sometimes is too low. To to stay healthy or something like interest, just talking hurts my voice sometimes.


Dia Bondi18:09

That's how I'm feeling these days. And that's new for me. You know, that's new for me, I used to spend, you know, first 10 years of my career is on the road, teaching classes talking all day long, you know, 11 hours a day, multiple days in a row. And teaching and, and I don't talk necessarily any more than I used to. But boy, I I can feel the tension in my jaw. So anyway, that, to me, that's like an interesting thing to understand and sort of be able to be more be more in control of what my voice is doing and how it's being exercised as a tool for being a better podcaster. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I feel like there's a difference. For me, the goal being like, you know, to create a podcast that helps grow my business is like, that's one side. And that's not the same as saying like, I actually want to get good at this for all of you. Totally. So that's really that's very interesting. And it got me a little bit excited. Yeah. Which is cool. Because I was starting to I was starting to, you know, across the board, we've done so much work and 2021 I could feel burned up burnout kind of creeping up on me like it was in the it was back there somewhere following me and maybe catching up a little bit. But this thing I'm interested in, you know, so I guess I bring this up also, because I want to hear from our listeners, like, what am I do? What do I need to stop doing what drives you crazy? And this is hard to ask for that feedback. Like, what is it that I do that makes you that would that would make it so you would turn this turning episode off? And specifically like what I'm doing, and then what is it that I do well that I should keep doing? What did you like about it? How I show up on the mic. Which by the way is a new territory for me. It is not the same as stepping in front of a live audience in any way. Oh, yeah, it's very different. So in that, yeah, we I invite your I invite your advice, everybody, your advice, not just feedback, but your advice. Keep doing this. Here's what I really liked. When you when you do that, here's the thing that gets in the way of me staying with you, dia, when, when you're, when you're on the mic, and you can send that to you, you can send that to what hello@deobandi.com You could also call us and leave us a voicemail, give us the give us the


Arthur  20:38

or you can call us at 341-333-2997.


Dia Bondi20:42

There it is. There it is. So there's that. Okay, so given all that, we this is episode 21. We we only ship episodes up until now like every other week. So the frequency the at one of my clients has the at bats that we get isn't superduper, frequent, frequent. So that's one thing we might have to, you know, accelerate on so that we have, I have a chance to get in front of the mic more, you know, so that I can get better. Um, so when we look backwards after 20 episodes, like, I don't know, like, let's do a little retrospective. How are we doing? What do you notice is changed? Maybe


Arthur  21:24

I, you know, I can talk about it from my perspective, and just from the perspective of, you know, listening to the show, because I mix and edit every episode. And so I listened to the episode multiple times, sometimes, you know, I would say that our process for behind the scenes for making the show has gotten tighter and better. Yes, I agree. And I have developed sort of frameworks for how best to make the show because I'd never made a podcast before this. I mean, have a lot of experience recording audio and a lot of experience listening to podcasts and being a guest on podcast sometimes. But this is the first time I've ever made one. And so I have I have gotten better at making the podcast, you


Dia Bondi22:15

heard it, you heard it here, everyone. He's never done this before. And you harass your see or hear how dope it sounds. Right is.


Arthur  22:22

And I think as far as the the the interview portions of the show, I have noticed that you have gotten more just conversational with people. I mean, you know, if they're that type of guest, and where it's more of a free flowing conversation than necessarily going through bullet points of an interview. And I think that's makes really compelling listening. Obviously, sometimes you're going to be interviewing someone, and it's just going to be an interview. But a lot of times it's been a really natural free flowing conversation that goes in and out of the talking points that maybe you had on on the script. Yeah. And I also think that you and I have gotten, you know, we have conversations all the time off the podcast. Yes. But when you get on mic, you tend to turn turn into a performer. Right? Not you. I mean, one turns into a performer. And I think that you and I have gotten better at just sort of being ourselves on the mic. When we talk to each other.


Dia Bondi23:26

I agree. There's there is a little bit of there is I noticed over how it feels to record this for all of you. There is more fluidity and less awkwardness for me just setting up in my office and getting going like that. That's just a that is a thing that I'm like, Oh, thank goodness that showed up. And I knew that I knew that there was no shortcutting that right, you know, and we didn't do it. Yeah. And we did not record 20 episodes, and then release the 21st as our first episode to already get good. We literally recorded the first one with Laura, and then baby a UK Mon. And it was like we recorded what we got from day one. And we I mean, we shipped what we what we got from day one. Yeah, totally. So I do feel that fluidity. I can tell that I it's interesting that you say that you think that the conversations are more conversational or the interviews are more conversational, because everybody should know like, I plan that stuff. Like those questions. I have the questions. And so that if they're showing up, like more conversational, but there is a rare moment that we end that we end an interview that feels like a conversation and I haven't actually asked the questions I planned.


Arthur  24:38

Exactly. No, I wasn't trying to say that we don't actually you don't go through all of the questions. I just mean that. How is it like? Sometimes an interviewer can be like, so how did this happen? And then the person talks and then you just ask the next question, right? But I feel like it's getting into more of a thing where you ask a question, and then you talk to the person about it back and forth, before moving on, or you skip to another question, because it's related to the one that you were just talking about, and you move around the interview structure a little bit more loosely than is on the page. Yeah, not to say that you don't have it all planned out, and that you don't ask all the questions you want. It's just that it feels less visible. Yeah, that's what I'd say. That's great.


Dia Bondi25:30

That's great. And I will say, like, I would invite our listeners right now at this time to like, shoot us any podcasters or interviewers, conversationalist that you really love to listen to, because I'd love to hear from you what you really like, in other folks, as a way for me to study as a way for me to, you know, expand my to have mentors and models, you know, in this space. So if that's something that you you're inspired to send to me, like, I would love to hear it, you can, you can forward those to hello@deobandi.com. And I will, I will listen, I will listen.


Arthur  26:07

Oh, I know you will. I do my homework a little bit. So um, if it's, if you have any notes for me, let me know. Oh, yeah.


Dia Bondi26:14

Like I would really like your baby do more singing please.


Arthur  26:17

Well, that or, you know, if you're, if you're a if you're a Super Podcast nerd, and you know, good podcasting, and you know, how it should sound and if you think that our podcast is too quiet or too loud, or too bright or too bacey, or whatever, hit me up, let me know. That's


Dia Bondi26:36

great. I love that and and we'll, we'll make sure, maybe it gets that if you send it to hello@deobandi.com. I'm going to say that 100,000 times, by the way,


Arthur  26:43

if you think the LUFS. You know, if you think the LUFS are too loud, or, or something like that, you know, hit me up with that technical knowledge, because I am a very experienced audio engineer, but I have very little technical knowledge, right? So say that right now.


Dia Bondi27:00

That's great. So own it, name and claim it so I, you know, pistol have shared friend of ours says, you know, you never end up making what you started making,


Arthur  27:10

right? There's the thing you start out making, and then there's the thing you end up. Exactly. And


Dia Bondi27:14

so I just everyone needs to know, I'm very interested in finding out not just figuring out but noticing, what is it that we're actually making here? How do we make it in a way that serves you and feels both fun and inspiring, that feels actionable, and also a place to, I don't know, just explore at the same time, and, you know, I want to I want to make this thing completely golden for us. And for the folks who are listening. I I'm interested to see over this year where it goes, and everyone should just know that we're going to I have some I have some ideas and additions that I'm going to be experimenting with. And we'll see how those we'll see how those land overall, please never be shy to let us know how we're doing. Arthur? Um, I have to say overall, though, a big reason why this is working and and why I'm I'm feeling like I want to push myself and get better at this is that I feel like we've built a really strong foundation here that I could not have done without you. I could not have done it.


Arthur  28:23

Well, you know, it wasn't that hard. You know, I know that you say that. Being on stage and talking and talking in the types of like classes and workshops and one on one coaching that you've done before is different than being on the podcast. And yeah, it is a little different. But you brought all the skills and charisma to the table to begin with. And I'm just you know, pressing buttons and stuff.


Dia Bondi28:49

I love it. I love it. Hey, listen, speaking of buttons, when y'all press some buttons and reach out to us, let us know how we're doing like we've invited you to do. And if you haven't checked it out lately, we just this last month launched our brand new website at D avanti.com. Which is which which is an incredible amount of work. And we have now live a waiting list for something we're calling back stage, which is going to be our member platform. There'll be a free membership and then other things programs you can participate in backstage. But you can get on the list to join that. And one of the things that we're going to add in there is something we're calling the resource, the dream Club, which will be kind of like a Patreon model for the podcast and give you some special access to some things behind the scenes and q&a is you'll be able to actually attend recordings with me and Arthur, just when we think we're getting our like feet grounded on the you know, in this format of the podcast, we may end up doing this with an audience if folks if folks come on to the resources dream club, so you can check that out. It's live now for a waiting list and then when we launched the actual member platform, you'll be the first to know The first to be invited in everybody I've shared with you my new goals now it's out one of the things I say is that you've got to make your dreams known by the people that can help you achieve them and I've, I've put it on the table. I've I've done the vulnerable act of saying what I actually want which is I want to be a recognizably good podcaster


Arthur  30:23

Well, I think that you are already there. And you just can you're just going to get better from here.


Dia Bondi30:30

I hope so. I'm going to find those nooks and crannies that that are the better for us and for you, listeners. Great. All right, buddy, everybody.


Arthur  30:39

Yeah, good catching up.


Dia Bondi30:42

And that's it. Yeah. Cool. I'm gonna stop this


Arthur  30:49

this podcast is a production of Dia Bondi communications and is produced and scored by me are thoroughly on Adams the third, you can like, share rate and subscribe at Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts. Find us at D avante.com. Or follow us on Instagram at the DIA Bondi show. Want to shoot us a question for the show? Call us at 341-333-2997 and maybe you'll hear your question answered on a future episode.

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