Launch Party

While we don’t number our episodes, this one happens to be the 10th, was recorded with a live audience, AND it’s a Launch Party!

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In this episode, Dia shares the 3 Goal Types she sees in her work. Which one are you? Find out in this episode.

Arthur and his wife Kat will also debut their new song for their new band, Big Surprise. They play it live on the episode, and your ears will thank you--it’s beautiful.

We did a short exercise in this podcast episode. We reflected on and identified what kind of goals we center on--what our “Goal Type” is right now. Then we used the following prompt to stand up for it. You can use this prompt to take your goal type seriously, hold it as yours, and most importantly, and stand up for it when the world tells you that you should have some OTHER kind of goal:

Take a moment and complete these prompts:

“My Lead goal type right now is [fill in type: Experiential, Mastery or Recognition], and that’s important to me because [fill in blank].”

A quick breakdown of Goal Types:

Experiential Goals are goals that are about the experience you're having. For example, you might have a goal that is about going somewhere, being in a certain context, seeing something first-hand, or experiencing a skill just enough to get competent at it (experience), and then you like to move on to the next one. Folks with this goal type, often like to do many things with some level of competence, but don’t care much about being THE BEST at one thing.

Mastery Goals are the type of goals that drive you to be masterful in one or a few things.  If you are a Mastery Goal type, you don’t just want to pluck at a guitar and learn to play a few of your favorite songs; you want to own that thing you play. If you are an engineer, you don’t just want to learn an engineering language; you want to have full mastery of it. You are driven to be an expert. Folks with this goal type are happy being an individual contributor in their company and known as the “expert” in their craft or topic.

Recognition Goals are the goals that signal achievements that are recognized by the world. You want to win the Gold Medal. You want to gain that title in your career. You want to have your name in stone. Folks with this goal type aren’t satisfied until they get that recognition in a formal way. It lets you have a clear badge that says, “You did it!” Embrace this goal type. Maybe you just can’t rest until you get that “Director” title next to your name, or you want to put “Author” next to your professional bio. These signals are not small, and they can drive you to grow.

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 Arthur  00:02

Alrighteverybody, we hope everybody's doing well tonight and thank you for joining uson the Dr. Bondi Show.


Dia Bondi 00:32

Hey,everyone, welcome to the Dr. Bondi show a big podcast for women with goals. Weare here to help you ask for more and get it. Resource your dreams so you canget to your goals faster and have an absolute blast doing it because theprocess matters. I'm so happy tonight to be joined by my on air bestie Leon,Arthur Leon see I can never do it if I don't just say baby a right welcomebaby. A love seeing you here. Love always seeing you here. Oh,


Arthur  01:00

yeah,it's always great to be here. idea. And hi, everybody who's joining us.


Dia Bondi 01:04

Hey,Arthur. See, I came to do it again. Arthur Leon Adams. The third is here are onair producer. But we're also joined by his sidekick, his musician bestie andhis wife, cat. Adams.


Kat  01:17

I wasgonna say you can just call him my husband from now on. Yeah, I'm cat'shusband. That's right. That's right way to do it. Cat. I'm so happy to have youwith us tonight. I'm so happy to have you here. Nice to see you. Thank you forhaving me. I'm so happy to be here.


Dia Bondi 01:32

And whatfolks don't know is that you know, yes, Arthur, you know, crafted all the musicfor everyone, for me and for everyone in this show. But he also, you know, likecat, you were instrumental in early conversations about the vibe of the showwith the content would be what it was for conversations about the languagearound it. You also are a great creative partner to me, as we were puttingtogether what this whole thing was going to be all about. So thank you so muchgratitude for that. Yeah. Love it. So So let's see, what are we talking abouttoday? Um, I am just happy to be here. We're doing this. We're having a livestudio recording right now. So we've got folks on the line right now. Thank youfor keeping your zoom connection muted so we can have a nice clean sound today.You'll have a chance to unmute at the end of the day, and at the end of ourshow, to do a little behind the scenes chitchat with me, but loving having youhere with us. Anyhow. So there it is. What's going on for you today?


Arthur  02:31

Well,you know, we're doing this big thing. Yeah. Been working on it and prepping forit today. And, you know, one of the things that we're going to do today isCatan are going to play songs. And it's songs a couple songs that we wrote. Andthese songs are special, are they not? These songs are kind of special, theyare special. We wrote them together, and they're there. We've been working onthem and recording them for the last year or so.


Kat  02:57

Yeah, itwas a pandemic project. You know, I mean, it was always gonna be a project, butit became a pandemic project, because the pandemic happened, right. And so itwas like, oh, we're gonna we're gonna make an album and a couple months,because then we're all gonna be


Arthur  03:11

Yeah,yeah, that was the thing. We're like, okay, we'll get this album done in threemonths, and then we'll get to play rock shows. In the fall.


Kat  03:17

We aremaking an album and we do have stuff recorded, but the whole three monthsthing. Yeah. So that's okay. We're so happy to be an audience for you tonight.Yeah,


Arthur  03:26

so Sothe thing is, is that what we're doing is, today, we're gonna play songs thatno one has ever really heard aside from our cats. Just awesome. The cat so


Dia Bondi 03:35

so I solove it. Okay, so while you two are getting yourself set up, I'm going to talka little bit about who, who, what we're going to do tonight. Excellent. Okay,cool. So we are going to we're going to talk a little bit about the three goaltypes that seem to be useful when we're thinking about naming and claiming thegoals that we have in our lives and in our careers and in our businesses,mostly lives and careers. I mean, business is a place where it plays out, butlives and careers. And then we're going to do a little ama we'll open it up forquestions for folks to jump some questions right into the chat, so that we cankeep everyone muted and keep the audio clean here. We all have a chance to askquestions about anything about the content tonight, but also about you know,anything having to do with what got us here other work that we're doing. Ifyou've got questions, we'll try to answer them as best we can. And we're goingto draw some prizes. We're at the end of our 10 day launch efforts. And withthe great help of my team Olivia and, and BBA and everyone who's participated,we've been asking folks to do a couple of things to rate and review thepodcast. So against visibility, as well as share with their friends and to showup tonight, and for those of you who did any of those things, you've beenentered into a cool drawing and we're going to share with those what those arefor you a little bit later. So that will be the show tonight. We're probablynot going to go the whole hour but we're really happy to have you here today.And it looks to me like Arthur and cat, baby and cat are just about ready torock you guys ready to rock everyone I am so pleased to have my friends playmusic for you and to have a little bit of heart and I want to say before we getstarted Can I just make a word here to say that this is an intense week there'sa lot of stuff going on in the air we've got the the Shogun Derrick Shoguntrial going on we've got changes everywhere you know uptick in, in Asianviolence, violence against Asian families and communities and people we've gotjust, we've got so much in the air yet again this week and I just want toinvite everyone in right now to come as you are to show up into this momentwith one another and just try to have a little space to enjoy yourselves and toreceive you know, the love and the art that Arthur and cat are about to sharewith us and to get to dream for ourselves for a little while so you are sowelcome to be here as a place also to a little bit rest for the week. So arethat Arthur to take it away All right. We're gonna play a song It's the firstsong we ever wrote together. All right. threads. Oh, man. We just camecrashing. Right rise. They say lines. Drowning on drums. Say night sky, Bambi.calm.



Ready.Range starts to die then. So proud. glorified to start. hemisphere temperaturesbelow ground Graham grants rise the size lies, scream.


Dia Bondi 10:53

clapslove so much to hear my friends, there's nothing better. Yes, you can give us aclap emoji if you're watching. I'm just so uh, I love seeing my friends do whatthey love to do. And I love seeing the women, and you folks in this communitywho are following this podcast, and being part of the work that I'm doing, Ilove the opportunity to see you and hear you do what you love as well, becausethere is nothing more powerful than seeing you in your power. So, cat and baby,thank you so much for kicking us off with that beautiful, beautiful story youjust told us and to have a little insight into the first song you wrotetogether is really beautiful. And Wonderful. Thank you for that. Yeah, thankyou. Yeah, we love playing it, apparently, we can tell. And that's where thejoy of watching my friends do what they love and what they're good at, reallycomes from for me. So thank you so much. So, um, we are, like I said at the endof a 10 day launch. And one of the most important things folks did during thistime and can do is rate and review the show wherever they get their podcasts.And it really helps elevate the visibility of the show, it seems like a smallthing to do, but it actually has a huge impact. And it makes it possible forother folks who would enjoy the show, who would it would help them have a blasttrying to reach their goals. Enjoy the show and and bring it into their lives.And we got one review Actually, this last week that I'd like to read a bigshout out to listener lens Gord and gore because what she said in this reviewis like, it really lit me up because it's so right on to like, what the show isabout and what I'm about. And the work that I do is about and she says everytime I listen to this is some embarrassing stuff in the first part, just so youknow, she says, Every time I listened to do I feel fired up and motivated totake action. Oh, so nice. And she said what I love about our content is she'salways tells it like it is I mean, that's true. And also while helping you findwhat actually feels aligned for you. And that's really the heart of whatmatters. I think in all the work I do that you that you can you can identifywhat matters to you. And you can act in ways that are in alignment with who youare as a way to bring that forward. She also says her advice is incrediblypractical. It's incredibly thoughtful, thought provoking, and absolutely haveyou taking action. It's true, I do have a bias toward action and an action thatfeels good to you. So highly recommend taking a listen and getting inspired. Sobig ups to you lens Gore, thank you so much for taking the time to, to rate andreview and also to say to say what, for her to articulate it that way is justso like, I don't know, just lights me up, Arthur. This


Arthur  13:41

issomething that I say in every episode. But if you do, like, what, what'shappening on the show, and you find it useful, and you get inspired by some ofthe things we say you know, what you should do is you should like, subscribe,review and share it. Wherever you get your podcasts with your friends. It helpsso much. And also if you want to ask a question we do we sometimes answer userquestions on the show, and you can give us a call at 341-333-2997 and leave amessage and you might just hear your question answered on a future episode.


Dia Bondi 14:15

You justmight you just have to stay. You have to stay tuned, though, if that's gonnahappen. Because you could send us a question and you know, you never know. Younever know when it's gonna show up in the show.


Arthur  14:25

That'strue. So you have to listen to every episode to make sure that you hear yourquestion answered. Start to Finish. Yeah, full on. No, I'm just kidding. Yes.Great. Thank you for that, Arthur. So yeah, what are we doing here today?


Dia Bondi 14:36

Well,today, I want to talk about a little bit more about goals because turns out andsince launch, we have six episodes live at launch. Our most listened to episodeis the one we titled How to goals when you don't have one. Interestingly, youknow that this is a this is a big podcast for folks with goals and I kind ofalways assume they already have goals. And so they're coming to talk about theirown goals, they're coming to listen to think about ways to, you know, enjoygetting to their goals for strategies to getting to their goals, but I realizedthat, you know, we're all working on, you know, maybe our goals are changing,they're evolving, they look different to us. Maybe we hate them next week, welove them. And and so I want to talk a little bit more about goals tonight. AndI want to start by saying, you know, what, we always want what we don't what wedon't have, do. I mean, there's like, not always, but there's a lot of like, Ihear in my coaching circles around this work. And even with private privateclients, sometimes there is a there's a there's sort of a desire or or there's,there's some attraction to other people's goals, like somehow the goals that Ihave aren't the right ones to have, and I should have the ones that otherpeople have, because they're bigger, they're better, they're shiny, or they'resomehow better than the ones that I have. But what what I do know is that whenwe, when we speak from who we truly are, we are more powerful we can we can werecognize what we really want, we can be more powerful in pursuing it. And Iwas in a coaching circuit measuring put my notes down, how about that, I'm justgonna put my notes down. I was in a, I hosted a coaching circle after aworkshop I gave a month ago. And it was we all we all ended up talking aboutgoals a lot. And they everyone in the room had one. But they kind of didn'tlike them, they would talk about them, and then sort of be like, Yeah, but Idon't know if that's really like what I'm not really sure that that's the rightkind of thing to have right now. I wish that I you know, I'm this kind of Ihave these kinds of goals right now, but I wish I had her kinds of goals. And Iwant to talk about the three kinds of goals that I noticed, we can all have.And we might have a combination of all of them, we might have, you know, oneterritory, one goal type that we really double down on across our lives, but Iwant to just name three goal types, so that you can name them for yourself andthen claim them, fall in love with them, and then stand up for them instead oftreating them like some sort of second class citizen in the territory of yourlife. Hashtag name it and claim it, name it and claim it's my favorite thing todo naming is so powerful, because when we name it, we can see it and then andthen we can we can like pick it up and turn it around. It's a thing. Now it's athing we can stand up for. So I want to talk about the three that I notice. Andthe first one is what I like to think of is experiential goals. This isactually the kind of goals that I led the first half of my career with, likeonly until the last couple of years, you know, did something else start toreally emerge. But for me experiential goals. And for you this might be true aswell. These are the these are the kinds of goals that are about experiences forus, that are goal setting are all about having different kinds of experiences,having a smorgasbord of experience to get to taste a lot of different things.One woman in my conversation in the coaching circle, I'm referencing she reallyhad a she was like, I do this thing where I learned something too, I'm justgood enough. And then I like kind of put it away and I go to the next thing.And I've been an architect and I've been a I've been a this and that she namedlike five different careers she's had by the time she's 35, none of that, youknow, all of which helped kept moving her forward. But she feels like she keepsjump jumping tracks. But the truth is that every time she every time she gotgood at something enough, she had to put it down because she was looking foranother experience because she enjoyed having a vast set of experiences. Thatwas true for me. Early in my career. My goals were to travel everywhere, and tobe in every possible nook and cranny on the planet doing work with lots ofdifferent kinds of people and lots of different kinds of tech of, of contentcontext. So if your goals are ones where you feel like I just want to have alot of different kinds of experiences, name it, claim it stand up for it, it'snot the wrong kind of goal. It's a beautiful goal if it's yours, and you canname it and claim it and stand up for it. So that's one kind of goal. Thesecond kind of goal is sort of different, it can overlap with this a little bitwhich which is something I think of as a mastery goal. I want to be the best atone thing in my life or career I want I don't just want to learn to play aninstrument. I don't just want to learn to play the guitar and the banjo and aviolin and the drums and and tastes a lot of different things. I want to be amaster I want to be masterful in one instrument. I don't just want to learn toplay chest and then also checkers and also monopoly I want to be a chesschampion. These are the things where you want to be recognized recognized inthe world as an as an expert at something you want to feel that sense ofmastery over a particular domain. And that is a legit goal. How many women havecome through my my work workshops and over the course of my career have havereally, they've been happy to be an independent contractor or an independentcontributor in their teams forever, but they go deep in one area, and they'reknown as an expert in that space. That's okay. If you love being a master inyour space, those are legit goals. You don't have to manage other people, ifyou don't want to, you don't have to learn other skills, if they're not, ifthey're not relevant to increasing your mastery in your own space, you can justname and claim that mastery is my jam. The third kind of goal I think of iswhat I think of as like a recognition or an impact goal. This is the kind ofgoal I hear show up when somebody says to me, do I just woke up yesterday and Irealized I want to be VP of Engineering and next five years, and I want to makea half a million dollars a year doing it. That's not to say that these are justabout the earnings or just about the title, this is about these performance andrecognition goals, these these chances to have the titles have the the incometo have the recognition by the world of a particular domain that you don't notnecessarily a master in but that you are the master of these are legit goalsthat if you wake up and you're like, I want to be director someday, name it,claim it and stand up for it. If you love mastery, and everyone's telling youWell, it's time to be a manager, it's time to ascend the corporate ladder. Andyou're like, No, I want to be an independent contributor forever being being anabsolute badass in the thing that I do. And I want to find other ways to deepenmy understanding of this particular domain and then have impact with it. Goodfor you fend off those urges, name it, claim it stand up for it. So these threegold types are the ones I noticed they fall into. And you might have in onepart of your life. It's shifting for me now. It used to be really aboutexperiences, I wanted to go here I wanted to go there, I wanted to see that Iwanted to be in that context I wanted and I wanted somebody else to pay for it,by the way. And I spent 10 years on the road making that possible for myself.And now it's shifted, I've had a lot of experiences, my goal type is kind ofshifting. Now maybe you're in a time where your goal type is shifting what youyou know, ascension, or this last one, which we're calling recognition andimpact goals might be one that was important to you for the last 20 years. Andnow you're realizing you want to pick something and be a master of it, maybeyou want to you want to you want to broaden your horizon and, and accumulate asmany different kinds of experiences as possible. That could be your new set ofgoals. So these aren't things that are fixed. But it when we recognize thesebuckets that they live in, we can name it, claim it and stand up for it and notmake ourselves wrong for loving them. So here's what I'd like to offer to you.I'm going to ask the if folks or I know you might be busy while you'relistening, cooking dinner or doing something else as you're here on our launchparty. I know it's evening time for us right here in the West. But I'd like todrop a poll right now. And and ask you, what goal type Do you think you mostlyare? What gold type Do you think you most likely are? And I'm going to ask youto just pick one. This is this will be an anonymous response. So if you canrespond to the survey right there, that would be great. Well, gold type, areyou? And all answers are right. By the way, mostly mastery goals. Are youmostly recognition and impact goals that you want to gain recognizedrecognizable authority in a particular domain, or you feel like you lead mostlywith experiential goals, that life is a buffet and you want to experience lotsof different things. So we'll let those coming in. It looks like 40 to 40 lookslike mostly mastery, and mostly experiential goals are winning out right now.For those of you who are taking the poll, I love seeing that I'm going to closethe poll now in 54321. I'm going to end the poll and share these results righthere. It looks like half of you were saying mostly mostly mastery goals.Awesome. 7% of you are saying mostly recognition that you that you know thatyou want to gain recognizable authority in particular domain and and then 43%of you say mostly experiential, that life is absolutely a buffet. So that'swhat those look like, great. All those answers are right, and you could behaving an appetite for goals that cross all those three territories, perfectlyfine named them, claim them stand up for them, they can play together well witheach other as as well. So here's my offer to you. If you can use this littlephrase, to think about caring for prioritizing and making the goal that youhave important to you so that you can stand up for it. And so here's the littleprompt that might help you. I don't know integrate that goal that you have intoyour actual, you know, into your actual life. Stand up for it. If you feel likeyou, there's pressure for you to have a different kind of goal. So here's whatit got. Here's how it goes. The phrase goes like this, you could write thisdown, and we can put it in the show notes as well, in case folks later when wepublish the episode, I want to go back and use this prompt. So it goes likethis. My LEED Gold type right now is, and then fill that in which one of thethree? And that's important to me, because and then fill that in? My LEED Goldtype right now is you can fill it in. And that's important to me right now,because so I'm curious, Arthur, BBA, what do you think your LEED Gold type is?And if you were going to do the prompt, how would it sound?


Arthur  25:45

Yeah, wewere just talking about it. We're trying to decide what it might be for eitherof us, but I don't know I, I've always been a like, jack of some trades mastera few. And so I never really cared about mastery of anything, necessarily. Somaybe, maybe the second one, like I wanted to, I always wanted to have somesort of career in music and have some sort of a recognizable authority. And Iguess,


Dia Bondi 26:14

yeah, Imean, I think that I see that in you. And even like, even though I do see allthe time, you know, you you have I mean? I mean, your house is full of allkinds of different musical instruments. You have broad tastes in music, whichwe've talked about on this show, and we've talked about at length manydifferent times. But you also, I do also see you like, you know, naming andclaiming like that, you know that to be a recognizable voice in the domain ofmusic. Yeah, I that's resonant for me. How about you cap? Yeah,


Kat  26:44

I mean,this is such a great question. I love this. Because I mean, I think that thatfor many of us, we are like, oh, but it's all of them. You know, and I think Ithink that what you said about how our goals change over the years really,really resonated with me, because mine definitely have and I have fought themat various times. So you know, I think that that for a long time, I was goingfor experiences, mostly because they were just happening to me, but then at acertain point, I was like, Okay, okay, well, if I get recognition for what Ido, and how great I am at this, or that, which is, you know, a very, very smallpool of things, you know, then that will lead me to the next thing, and thenI'll be able to develop mastery after I have the recognition. But then, youknow, life happens to you and, you know, hits you over the head. And then yourealize that, well, maybe there's something that I already have mastery and orI'm on the way I'm on the I'm on that path already. Like I said, with theexperiential stuff, I feel like I was happening to me, right. And then, andthen there was a point that came for me a few years ago, you know, when I waslike, I just want to be a creative director, I want to make amazing ads, I wantto do incredible work. And, and of course, I would have my band on the side,and I want that to get recognition. But then I was like, you know what I do Iactually want that I don't know that I actually want that. I think what Ireally want is just to keep doing what I'm doing and doing it better and betterand better. So so that I don't want to manage people, like you said, I don'twant to manage people, I don't want that job. I'm not an administrator. And youknow, and I want to be in a band, but I don't want to be in a band that's sosuccessful that I can't go to the grocery store in my pajamas. So so rightright there. I'm


Dia Bondi 28:15

like,I'm like, that is experiential right there. You're like, I want to have I wantto have a big smorgasbord and have the end have the mastery, I see you, themastery that you have in writing is the thing that enables you to have allthese other these other experiences. Or maybe that's why I'm a good writer.Exactly. So good. So, so good. Well, for the first time in my life, I'mactually standing up for wrecking. I'm like shifting to actually to write morerecognition and impact goals. I mean, you've been hearing me for the last twoyears talking about, you know, leveling up myself and my business and my impactacross the board. And I'm okay, you know, not that I'm not going to haveexperiences again, or prioritize that as my next set of goals, but they are notmy lead goal right now. Now, of course, in the pursuit of, you know,recognition and sort of being recognized in a particular domain. And, and, andreally being purposeful about my impact in the world. Which I always did too,but like this is just now it's like the lead horse. I what is coming as sort ofthis it is causing me to have a varied set of experiences, but that but thatthat's an outcome of it, not the lead thing. So yeah, naming it and claimingour, our, our goals is a fun way for us to start learning that we can have allof them but maybe not all of them at the very same time and not to makeourselves wrong all the time not to be envious of others gold type, you know,just to be in our gold type. So really, really good. Okay, um, so I would likenow to open it up to questions in the room. If there are any saw a few of themcame through the chat. That's great. Let me see if I can scroll back through.If you have a question about that. Please put it into the chat again, so that Ican see it here. Question for di see from Kelly. She says, Is it bad to be at thesame organization for a long time? 15 plus years, I'm still growing and engagedand taking on new challenges. But I feel like I'm not ambitious enough. That'sso interesting. I would say, Look, I don't love the super imposed ambition. AndI think the question I would I would ask is, what is the source of that? Do youactually have desire for more ambition? Or do you feel pressure for moreambition? And I would say that if you had to pick between those two, and it wasmostly pressure, for more ambition, I would then ask, Where is it coming from?And what is it for? And whose need actually is it? If it's not your need, then?You know, then you can put that down? Now the question around, is it okay to beat the same place for 15 years, of course, it is. If you're having the needsthat actually matter to you met, you're feeling challenged, you're growing, youlove your team, there's opportunity to have more impact, the things that matterto you to your goal, type or otherwise, are present. Of course, it's okay tostay for that long. I mean, it's when those things start to expire for you. Andthe the trough isn't as full and enriching anymore. That's the maybe moment tolook at making a change. Now, I haven't been in house for 15 years, my my worldhas been one of being on the outside of organizations, and then going in andworking with them. So but I but I, too, have noticed, like, when do I need tomake a change in my own little enterprise so that I can continue to grow andchallenge myself as well, and try to try to mute out those external pressuresfor me to achieve something. Whether it's something you know, that is, that issort of the the typical look of ambition or not, that doesn't actually matter.To me, it is so much easier for us to try to go through the hard parts ofachieving something that matters to us than it is to try to go through the hardparts to achieve something that matters to someone else. So that's my answerfor you, Kelly, I hope that's really helpful. I see a Maya's question, whichone I'm going to scroll back here, we've got what if I want to change my goaltype? Is that is that the question? Can you let me know in the chat? If that'sthe question that you have you and carlina love to see you and Maya both in thechat here. Is that the question I'm answering? If it is, I would love to knowthat. I'm going to great. Um, yeah, she's she's saying she's just still stuckon embracing my goal type? Well, yeah, that's a challenge. And if you want tochange your goal type, I would say, to find some opportunities to experimentwith that. So if if you if you have one goal type, if you're like, I love lotsof experiences, and I want to pick something and be masterful in it, I wouldwant to run some experiments and see if that's actually true. To pick somethingthat you think you'd want to develop mastery in, and then go try it. And if ifit if it loses energy in a way that isn't alive for you and it stuff to bealive, stuffs being alive for you. Maybe that's not, you can put that down, youcan put that gold type down for a little while. You say just that. It's justthat you lean always towards recognition, but really would like to strive forbeing more ambitious, interesting, ambitious has come up twice. So I wouldaddress this by saying What does ambition look like to you? What does ambitionlook like to you? Yes, dollars. Great. That's a great hint. Because ambitionmight not look like just money recognition. or not, might not just look likerecognition through money for one person. It might look like something elselike title or you know your name or your your face on a billboard on the sideof the freeway. So So when we think about ambition, we also have to think aboutwhat our definition of ambition truly is. I love this. Thank you so much. Okay,for those of you who are still on the call if you have it any other questions,and if you could stay muted that would be super, super helpful for keeping ouraudio really clean. Because we are going to turn this into an episode for allof our listeners at the Deobandi show a big podcast for women with goals. NeDean, I love seeing you hear so much you say that. You say impact maybe do youhave any questions about your goal type? I'm super curious. I do know Nadinefrom outside of this call. I'm super curious what goal type you think you are II think I have an idea of it. But I'm not totally sure how you would categorizeyourself. So any other questions, you can drop them right into the chat. I'mgoing to scroll back and see what else we have here. And in the meantime, weknow that in when we're coming to a close, we're going to be having anothersong from big surprise baby a and cat are going to sing us their second song,which I only got to hear a tiny smidge of earlier in the earlier in the day.And so I'll take Nathan's question and give me a thumbs up when you're allready to rock. How about that? So needing or needing? That's not a question.I'm sorry, just to say that you say that you are an experiential, gold type.That's awesome. I love that I'm curious and subject expert. Yes, that'sactually the one that I was gonna go for, for you that you know, you, you and Idid some work together in your business. And it was, it was really wonderful tosee how intricate your mind work when it came to the technologies that you'redeveloping, that you're developing in your business and that you are really, Isee you as an inventor. And in that way, I think that I can imagine thatmastery is one of a strong goal for you. So I love that. Thanks so much forcontributing. Okay, so is big surprise. Ready to rock? Yes, we are. Yeah. Allright. See that everybody? Let's give them some claps. If you can find yourselfa little, a little celebration emoji up in there. We'd love to see it as we gointo our second song for the night.



This isnot what you were born. I was an extraordinary machine. When that's when webegan. Well, good luck. You can tie screws on your phone. You can wake up oneday. Yo. Yo, find out find out. Find out. Excellent. I'm gonna say this ready?Oh, yeah. Watch this. Yeah,


Dia Bondi 38:43

there itis. There's the champagne I bought for myself because we are officiallylaunched at the DIA. Say you so much. Love, love, love that song. And I'm goingto take just a little toast to you and everyone listening. Thank you so muchbig surprise. For having a blast this we will notify everyone who's listeningover the podcast when big surprise actually releases, the songs that they'rethat they shared with us tonight and the rest of their album. So we're so happyto have all of you here tonight. Thank you so much for spending time with uslove seeing you around the Deobandi show.



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