What is Achievement?

What is achievement? And what can we ask for to help us get there fast?

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In this first episode of The Dia Bondi Show, Laura and Dia gig it up about achievements, goals, how we sometimes hate them. And Dia coughs up her secret super-fandom. Join us for some rapid-fire set up for what’s to come in The Dia Bondi Show where we are helping women ask for more and get it. This is the first of The Dia Bondi Show and you can get in early on the evolution of this podcast and its goal to help women ask for more and get it so they can reach their goals faster.

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Dia Bondi  0:00  

What is achievement? Like? How do you define achievement? Or what does it Cheeseman

look like?

You know, does it look like the kind of achievement that shows up on the front cover

of Forbes?

Or is the kind of achievement that is like, not flashy? And would be on the cover of Forbes, you know, you know, is it a unicorn dream? Or is it just a dream about riding a unicorn one day? Hello, everyone,

welcome to the Dia Bondi show a big podcast for women with goals. I'm Dia Bondi, and I am on a mission to put more money and decision making power in the hands of women. So

guess what, so

we can change everything for all of us. And my goal, my own goal, and that mission is to help 1 million women, ask for more and get it and us asking us success strategy. So

Unknown Speaker  1:04  


Dia Bondi  1:05  

all you listeners can reach your goals faster, and with way more confidence. So this show, really, it wants to give you concrete ways that you can find the courage when you need it, the control where you want it, and more impact when you say it. And when I say say it, I mean when you say what you need to actually resource your dreams and to actually bring your goals to life. So that's what we're here to do. I'm on air today with my amazing on air producer and audio extraordinaire. Laura synergy. Hello, Laura.

Laura Finnerty  1:39  

Hello. Thank you so much for having me here. This is exciting.

Dia Bondi  1:44  

Thank you, like, thank you for being here with me. I like I remember when I called you or like, Hey, you went through this thing with me. I felt so I was like, maybe she's not gonna want to do that. But you totally are here doing the thing with me.

Laura Finnerty  1:55  

When you emailed me? I was like, Yes, this sounds amazing. And how do I sign up? And where do I sign up? Sign up? And

why did you signed up? Do we want know one another? Well, I should know.

The funny thing I was just gonna say. So we met back in 2018. Working together on a class that you were doing for a company called creative live. I'm sure we can give them a mention here. And we work together and instantly. I was like, Ah, she's cool. I like this. I like this chick. She's awesome. Like, yeah, I'm getting I'm digging this energy. I know what she's talking about. And you kind of teased ahead a little bit, basically, this and some of the other work that you've kind of like gone into more so since 2008, like

Dia Bondi  2:36  

when we met in 2018. and stuff we're talking about on this show was like totally a seed of an idea. Did I actually say it out loud to you?

Laura Finnerty  2:43  

You would like and it was like a few weeks ago, I had this like epiphany,

Dia Bondi  2:45  

or I had this ideal crazy. I forget actually. So folks who are listening to this show our beloved listeners that we're about to accumulate, because this is Episode One, we'll you know, get to know that like, the stuff that we're talking about in the show is an outcome of this last two years where I launched something really specific aimed at helping women ask for more and get it and you know, I have such big dreams. And it's so on my heart all the time. And I'm so enthusiastic about it, that I I kind of forget how far like how much traction we've already gotten with it. Because I still have so far I want to go. So it's actually fun to hear you say like, it was just a tiny, I was coughing it up to you that it was just a tiny seed of a weird idea.

And now here we are, I can't believe we're actually doing this.

We are Laura had the great recommendation of giving you a little foreshadowing into like what we're going to be doing in the next couple episodes. And today, we're going to talk a little bit about like when I say a big podcast for women with goals, like what do I mean by goals? And notice it's a big podcast for women with goals. It's not a podcast for women with big goals, because, you know, I feel like, well, I'll get into it. But like big goals can be kind of a mental trap that like unless my goals are big, or you could point to them and go Well, those are big, then they're not real. And that's just I just think that's crap. So we'll talk about what do I mean by goals and what kind of asks that we might be making. And also like why this is not about when I say ask for more and get it I don't say negotiate? Because this is not just this is not simply about negotiation. Okay, and then we'll talk about how actually, you can ask for more and get it which I'll talk about forever and ever and ever, you know, across this across all episodes, but next

Unknown Speaker  4:23  

episode two, we'll

Dia Bondi  4:24  

talk a little bit more concretely about ask like an auctioneer. And that is one being one approach where you can in fact ask for more and get it and then we're going to talk through some of the most common questions since I launched project asked like an auctioneer and started doing this work. I will share with everyone and Laura and I will chat through you know some of the most common questions I get in the workshops and keynotes that I give around this work. Some outcomes, some of the coaching strategy sessions I've done with with groups of women, and then Oh, do you hear the train coming? This is something that you and all listeners are going to get used to hear that

Laura Finnerty  4:58  

it's almost like a person klaxon boo, it's so

Dia Bondi  5:02  

great. Sometimes it's so strong. It's a we have a, I'm recording this from my office, and we have a train, that's an Amtrak train and also a freight train that comes right near. So like five, it's like five rails here. And I have to say that like, when that thing comes blasting through, sometimes it's quieter than other times, but sometimes they lean on the horn so hard, I swear, sometimes, I'm like, are they coming directly at the building? Like, like, I've literally, it's a fun sound. For me, I feel like spring histologic. Okay, so welcome to my train everybody. And then we'll we'll talk through some common questions that we get, and the challenges that we experienced when we think about going to ask for more and get it and then later, you're going to get a chance listener, to call in and leave a voicemail question that we will workshop on the show. And actually, if you're courageous enough, if you have a question around asking for more, and getting it or strategizing and upcoming ask that you have or implementing, or developing a strategy to get to a goal, you can come on the show, and we'll workshop and you can just get some live coaching real time right here. So that's kind of exciting and nerve wracking. So on the landing page for this, for this, for the podcasts, you'll be able to find the button with the phone number to do that. And then we're also going to bring in some, we will bring in some guests, but it's not going to be like hero worship time. I mean, there may be some folks that we bring on, I already have a list going where I will have, you know, I will have some pretty serious admiration for them. But it's really going to be about what they did in their women in their lives and careers, the tasks that they made that changed everything, and, and everything in and around, asking for more and getting it that they have leveraged in their own lives to be successful and to get where they need to go. So I have a list that I'm accumulating all the time if there are guests that listeners are like, you know, I'd

love to really love to hear from you can send us an email at Hello at Dia Bondi calm and tell us you'd like to hear from and I have one dude,

I actually want to bring on the show

Laura Finnerty  7:03  

that you're going to teach this to be before we started recording. Because I was like, Okay, this is interesting. There's one person that is like, you know, on your on your list, I've never personally heard of him. So I think

Dia Bondi  7:15  

I'm a super quiet super fan, though because I don't have a strong I'm like I'm like a silent super fan. Like it's I have two people that I'm sort of silent super fans of. And he is one of them. Actually, I don't I'm And anyway, it's kind of funny. So what folks might not know is that I've been a leadership communications coach for like 20 years and this you know, this podcast project and the project that led to this podcast. Okay, that's a mouthful are an outcome of you know, something that that's tied to something I've just been doing the last couple of years, but in my communications coaching work, like I've worked with, like celebrities and global athletes and Nobel Peace Prize winners and like lots of fancy pants people that you should be starstruck by, but I'm not the person. The two people I'm actually starstruck by are David Byrne. David Byrne. Right, talking heads and beyond. And then, okay, David Byrne. And then also the guy I want to have on this show,

Unknown Speaker  8:07  

whose name is Mike wolf.

Laura Finnerty  8:09  

Yeah, see, when you said that the first one kind of stared at the camera and then instantly started looking at like, googling this but why Mike wolf like what what is Mike wolf t

Dia Bondi  8:16  

Mike Wolf and his partner. They are the stars of American pickers. American pickers Look, I know folks who are listening cannot see me, but Laura's like, sort of naughty. Okay, so my wolf was one of the two guys what they do is they drive around the country in a van, okay, and they go to like big sheds and barns all over the country. And they pick through piles of junk. And they find these amazing, mostly American like American treasures. And then they negotiate right there on the spot with the owner of the barn or the property or the pile of junk to buy that for them, then they then they resell it as part of their antique trading company. And they like they know so much about history. It's kind of crazy. But mostly, I just love how Mike asks for more and gets it he comes at it with such unbelievable generosity and openness. And he invests equally in the outcome of the Ask and you know, negotiation, but also like is delighted in the opportunity to ask it's not like an intent. I don't know there's just so much to I love to watch me celebrates, even if they don't can't come to an agreement and he has to walk away from it. He's always like, he has such generosity and saying like, thank you for the opportunity. I'm like, totally missing the mark and being able to describe how amazing this person is.

Laura Finnerty  9:44  

But I just sent a picture. It's full moon, this makes more sense than you know, when you say American pixels. It's,

it's watching him. It's

Dia Bondi  9:54  

so subtle, and it could anyway, whatever. I just have sort of a weird negotiation question. crush on him.

It's so I don't know, Mike Wolfe, if you're listening, you can call us. You can find the button on our landing page. Okay,

so anyway, those, we're gonna have people and I have a couple of the list of other women who have built fantastic businesses, but also folks who are pushing up against the status quo, people that have been successful, you know, and reach their goals in house out of houses, entrepreneurs and small business owners, like a myriad of women that we can bring on the show, aside from Mike Wolfe, the single man, no, the single meaning the only man, he's not single, he's married and has lots of kiddos. So that's what we bring on the show on the days that we want to have guests that are not you listener. So yeah,

Laura Finnerty  10:38  

well, I'm glad we clarified that he isn't singled you would be male guests. And that's really important. It could be a, you know, empowerment show and a dating show. at the very same time. Welcome, though, just off the back of going through what we're going to be doing into for myself, like the reason that I'm here, yes. And you know, not just to help hopefully make a sound okay, and kind of like put stitch them together with a knife music. But you know, this is something that was like, really important to me, I think. I mean, I'm, like, 34 years old, I feel like I've learned a lot in the past 10 years, and I have so much to learn how to really represent myself, and I'm here for this, not only just for me, you know, so it kind of I'm getting a bit of a bargain out of this deal, because I'm gonna get to learn, but it's just something that I really, I really believe in, and I want everyone to feel good. I want I want to get what they want. I want them to be badasses,

Dia Bondi  11:35  


I mean, and I think about like, You're such a mystery to me, Laura, because I never know, like, I experienced you as like this very serious, lightweight, meaning like you like you do a great job of what you do. I mean, when you produced for us at creative live, it was like, it was insane how just competent. And like, instantly, I knew, like you had things handled, it was just great both on when we were in front of the camera, but also just leading up to it, like was so easy to collaborate with you and all of that. But you're also very like, like, you're not you're not so serious that you're not having fun with the thing that you do. And I always wonder like, what your goals look like? Are they creative goals? Or are they like, traditionally achievement goals? Like, I want to make this amount of money in my life? Or I want to have this kind of title in my life? Or are they more like, creative output or output or like experiential goals? I'm


Laura Finnerty  12:30  

Goals are a weird one for me. And they can kind of I never ever been able to do the whole, like, you know, what's your five year plan? And what's your like, long term goal, because my life has been fantastically weird and amazing, in a way like I'm from the UK, born in Australia, my mum's British, my dad, Australian, moved to England. And then when I was like, 2324, I got the opportunity to move to Qatar, and to start an English radio station. That's why I decided to do it. Why not? And then I came to San Francisco after being there for like, like, I met my husband, we got married within six months, I moved to the US. I had no idea to this day, I still wake up and go, what the hell am I doing in San Francisco? Right?

Dia Bondi  13:10  

Like, you're like an opportunist? Yeah, I'm

Laura Finnerty  13:12  

like, chase the adventure. Like not always I know, I would want to do this too many times in my life because it is a lot like to like work out. And when it comes to goals, I'm I am an opportunist. When something feels right, I'm very much like a gut instinct. I pretty much lean on that to really make decisions in my life. so far. touchwood it's not been too bad. Not that I know of. And this is another sliding doors version of my life where I'm like, really living living it up in my best self. But yeah, so I think like the concept of goals has been it's really interesting to me anyway. And it is a question that people especially I think hearing someone like someone San Francisco, yeah, one's got everyone's got like a dream, a goal and they're working really hard to like manifest something, you know, be it like startup life will be it like yeah, whatever it is.

Dia Bondi  13:57  

unicorn ish. Whenever, you know, whether you're talking about the Silicon Valley of unicorn or not, but it's a very unicorn ish, weird environment. When

Laura Finnerty  14:05  

I moved here, I was like, wow, like, you know, it's a different a different have a different vibe. So I've kind of had to answer that question a little bit about goals. So yeah, I

Dia Bondi  14:13  

like I love that you're pointing that pointing to that because I also have somebody I value adventure adventure a lot. I the the version of goals that I work off of are fairly high level and sort of like, they're more like stakes in the ground and less like, here's my exact goal, and like, I'm just about in my business to start to like put together okrs, you know, for q1 of next year, and I'm already panicked about it, because okrs are like the individual steps that you're going to take to get there and it feels it can feel very claustrophobic. And I'm hoping that we can talk about goals in a way that is methodical for the folks who are methodical and also can be aspirational, and feel more like stakes in the ground. You know that like, maybe your goal was I want to live internationally someday. And then Qatar happens. So there's like, I don't think goals need to look necessarily one way, which is actually exactly what I wanted to talk about today. So I don't let one of the core questions I've, I always have now that I'm a mom, too I ask is like, what is achievement? Like? How do you define achievement? Or what does it achievement look like? You know, does it look like the kind of achievement that shows up on the front cover of Forbes? Or is the kind of achievement that is like, not flashy? And and would be, would be on the cover of Forbes? You know, you know, is it a unicorn dream? Or is it just a dream about riding a unicorn one day, so it's like that they, I don't like the idea of like, putting goals into one sort of flavor category and saying, like, if they're not big, then they should just go home. And that's why again, this is a big podcast, because I'm hoping it'll feel big for folks to be able to fill up their hearts and minds with the idea of reaching towards something that matters to you and not reaching towards something that should matter to you. Because I think it's very, you know, in since I launched this project, after you know, the 2018, when you and I met around helping women ask for more and get it like I have run across so many different variations of what goals look like. And it's been wonderful and refreshing, and they do not all look alike. They and they all are highly, highly personal. So when I think about, you know,

what, what do I mean, by goals, I don't mean, a briefcase, a pencil skirt, and you know, rushing off and first class, first class on a on a flight to wherever, I mean, whatever is whatever matters to you. Some for some of it, it's about getting on the train and going faster. And for some of us, it's about getting off the train and walking. So I think they're really, really personal and no matter what, so I launched this crazy project two years ago called Project as like an auctioneer and to helping a million women ask for more and get it using everything that I've learned from a crazy hobby I picked up a handful of years ago of auctioneering. And now I do fundraising auctioneering for Women led nonprofits and nonprofits that benefit women and girls. And I brought project as like an auctioneer to a bunch of women's communities, a handful of organizations, deliver a lot of keynotes about it, you know, I've been in front of audiences, and they've spoken back to me. And in two years since developing this content, you know, what I see is that the things that women ask for that help them achieve their goals, whether they're the big fancy cover of Forbes goals, or they are the sort of quiet very personal, but compelling goals fall into four categories. It's actually sort of a fifth bonus category, but they fall into four categories of things that we can ask for more of that help us get to where we want to go, and they are money. You know, and it's not just about like money to put in my bank account or money. So I'm personally it's like buy a Lamborghini. I mean, sometimes that's fine. Because guess what, when I think about goals, you get to want what you want, you get to watch what you want. They are about money. And money comes in a lot of forms. Sometimes it's a raise, sometimes it's a bonus, sometimes it's changing the combination of your but it can be a comp package. But it can also be your It can also be the rates for your fleet freelancing gig, it can be about, you know, project prices, as a creative director, it can be, it can be about fundraising, if you're sitting on a board that really matters to you, I've talked to a lot of women who are, you know, they're they're only getting to talk about asking for more in their comp package every year. But there's something on the side, they're running boards that really matter. And fundraising is a big challenge for them. So it can be fundraising can be fundraising in the entrepreneurial context it can be looking for. So money comes in a lot of different shapes. The second category is around authority. What kind of authority Can I can I have more of that helps me reach my goals. So it's really about being able to own decisions. So decisions around could be something from an important project that's running in house, or it could be about stepping out of house and running decisions in an entrepreneurial journey. It can be about being it can be about getting off the train completely, and just being the author of your own life and actually not being accountable to a business. You know, I know a lot of women have come across this work that want to be the author of their own day, you know, and that means, that means getting off of the

Unknown Speaker  19:21  

fast track.

Dia Bondi  19:22  

So authority is a big is a really important one. And we sometimes think about authority in terms of like a promotion. And that's not always true. It can be about I think about is just owning a decision, you know? And then the third one is influence. How can I use asking to get more influence so that I can reach my goals faster? And that can be like what audiences Do I need to get in front of as an entrepreneur like me? Or it could be, what it could be what audiences Do I need to get in front of internally, who do I need to actually build relationship with that grows my influence in a particular space internally so that I can move my agenda forward? For my career for what I care about, for the initiatives, I'm running whatever they are. So money authority influence of the first three. And the last one is balance. And when I think about what women asked for more asked for more of and want more of tied to balance, it's not just like work life balance. It's often about like, bringing into balance their internal selves and their external selves, does my external world reflect, you know, my internal desires? Sure, it can be about work life balance, and I'll give you an example about it in a little while. But it is not just work life balance that we think of when we think about balance, that's kind of what comes up. But it's bringing our inner selves and our external lives into that into balance. And then the fifth one, what's kind of under there a lot is like fun. You know, women are looking for more authority, they're looking for more money, they're looking for more balance, they're looking for more influence, because what they're doing right now, just, they're not having as much fun as they want, or they're having a blast, but it would be a lot more fun if we, if we could like up the up the ante in these particular areas. So I find when I, when I say ask for more and get it, will you we may see that these themes, you know, these four sort of categories of what we asked for more of and get in order to reach our goals fall into these three or four. Now, it's only been two years of research. But you know, some things could change, but I think my sample size has been pretty big. Love it.

Laura Finnerty  21:27  

And what about who are these women that we speak of? Yeah, I

Dia Bondi  21:30  

mean, I think across the board listeners, you know, you are in my mind, like a woman on the level on the verge of a level up. Or as I think of like, on the verge of a level out, like you're, you're either leveling up and the thing you're in, or you're getting the hell out of the thing you're in, and you're changing directions, whether it's getting off that train, like we talked about and walking instead. Or if it's about making a big switch in your life, you know, you are like you kind of know what you want, or you're just starting to have a smidge of knowing what you want. And now you're looking for strategies to actually action that so you can get that level up, you can get that level out. And and they're always not again, around traditional achievement as you'd think of. And I can give sort of two examples if that's if that's helpful, have ones that are unlikely things that have come across my, my plate, oh, here comes a train again. And I don't think this one's coming directly for

Laura Finnerty  22:23  

the building.

Nope, it missed me. Thank goodness.

Dia Bondi  22:29  

So so early on, you know, these are women like I'm in this call, I'm just going to use their I'm going to use it our initial th who was somebody who I met early on, and when I launched project as like an auctioneer, and she was a long time, like an engineer in a design firm doing all of the lighting, design and engineering for buildings. And she was keeping them for years, 15 years. And she was like, I'm out not having any fun anymore. It's not resonant for me. And hers was you know, looking to level out and she wanted to make a change and actually build her own small real estate business in her small rural town in American state very far from California. And her big ask, what and in my mind that was around balance she was bringing what she really desired in her heart into alignment with what her life actually looked like. And her ask for more and get it was actually asking for less and getting it she wanted she needed in order to make this transition in her life. She needed to courageously ask the people that she was working for to go to halftime

for more pay,

not net more but her you know in relative to the amount of stuff she was doing. And so for her, you know, the ask for more was asking for less was getting off one train so she could make a big shift. And another example of a woman who was also this doesn't feel like a level up but it's a it is a level out she was a really successful woman in I think she was in I think she was in like management consulting or something here in the Bay Area and decided on our last cycle to run for to run for public office. And she was freaked out about making the kinds of no problem can sell a million dollar contract million dollar project like that, right. But she was now having to go out and solicit direct support endorsement and money from her business community instead of colleagues to support her campaign. And that felt like a freaky thing to do. And sometimes so sometimes, you know, when we need to do something that's really important to us. And the stakes are high. Whether we're leveling up or we're leveling out the asks that we need to make because the stakes feel so high, can be intimidating. They can feel awkward, they can feel selfish, they can feel pushy, they can feel all these things that in some cases even run up against sort of gender expectations and that can be a big challenge as well. So I think of these women is like the th 's of the world who want to make a big switch You know, women doing something brand new that is tied to a key ambition of theirs. Or even a third example is just a woman who's woke up today and said, You know what? I want to be director someday. And I find also sometimes these women are overlooked because they're already so competent and confident that it's easy to go like, oh, they're fine. She's fine.

Laura Finnerty  25:18  

She knows what she's doing. She's just she's got it. Yeah, but,

Dia Bondi  25:20  

yes, but girls, we got to help each other. And I

Laura Finnerty  25:24  

feel like in a year like this, that we've had, where everything's pretty radically changed, and people have had to pivot companies work businesses have been through the wringer this year. And I feel like people, you know, this is a good time to be asking yourself those questions and to be trying to figure out yourself, like, what you may be one.

Dia Bondi  25:41  

And I will say also, that's why I don't talk about this work in terms of and this topic in terms of negotiation directly, because when I say asked for more and get it automatically, I hear a lot of people think like, Oh, you mean, ask for more money, ask for a raise. And a lot of folks that have been through my workshops this year, or working in organizations where there are freezes, like like hiring freezes and money freezes across the board, there is no asking for more money. But but there's sort of two parts for this one is asking more and get it and the other one is us asking us access strategy. So sometimes the most meaningful assets we can make are the ones that actually are not about money. The question is, in this time, you know, we're recording this in the middle of COVID. Like months into it, actually nine months into it. You know, what else is at? What What else can you ask for? What else is out there? What other strategic asks, Can you make that keep your goals in motion, even when what you think of is like asking for more is tied to negotiation negotiations,

Unknown Speaker  26:35  


Dia Bondi  26:36  

about money, right? And the answer is authority, influence balance and fun.

Laura Finnerty  26:42  

So less, maybe less dollars, but more of everything else. So it completely makes sense. Yep. Yep, that's

Dia Bondi  26:47  

really true.

So I have to say, though, that I'm like, so I'm stoked to be here with you.

Laura Finnerty  26:53  

Well, and also, we'll just before we were talking you Oh, you are like, basically, you know, you're like, I'm kind of nervous. I'm like sweating over here. And I think surprising, because you are perhaps one of those women you just mentioned a moment ago who's like confident and very kind of articulate, and it's always surprised, you know, people like I'm nervous.

Dia Bondi  27:11  

Like, why am nervous?

I am nervous, I think and I wrote some notes down, I was like, Okay, do what are you actually nervous about, like, you know, I'm really comfortable on stage in front of 1000 people in the moment, because I have direct feedback. And it's, you know, like, I feel like with you all, and now I'm talking to him into a mic with you here, Laura, which is wonderful. But also I'm like, I want I have such a big, I have such a big ambition for for this content. And for the women that it'll go to I'm nervous that it won't work on nervous that it won't get to the women that it's meant to get to I

Laura Finnerty  27:47  

you know, I

Dia Bondi  27:48  

I'm nervous that I'm shouting into a cavern, you know, I'm like, I'm nervous, of all the things that you're nervous about when you start something new, and you don't have a guarantee. You know, and I just, I want women who are listening to know that, like, I don't know that like this is designed to help you as a listener, to and to also help the other women in your life. As listeners, one thing I know, and I, you know, I coach women that come through my workshops around this stuff the same way and even in my communications practice that confidence is an outcome of action. And so I'm dealing with my,

Laura Finnerty  28:23  

I'm dealing with my

Dia Bondi  28:24  

nerves around like launching, bringing this thing into the world, by just trusting that thing that like we're gonna get into it, we're gonna get into action, and then my own confidence is going to come out of that, and that I, the success of this thing, you know, is really a lot in the hands of the listeners, passing on and participating sending us questions and trusting that like, we'll find a way to make this have meaning for people who are listening.

Laura Finnerty  28:51  

So as you mentioned, obviously, this is extremely fresh. It's like the newest of freshness of podcasts out there. Unless you're listening to our archive, you've gone back in time, which case, we love you and we'll send you a gold star, just get Let us know your address. But we would love it, if you would subscribe to the podcast, we're across all of the platforms that you would expect to see us, you know, apple, Spotify, Google, play all of that good stuff. So you can find us anywhere on there. But if you subscribe, also, if you just give us a little rating, hopefully not one star, if you want to give us a five star, that's great. And you can put some comments in there or whatever it is, but it really does help go a long way to you know, give us a bit of visibility and to also you know, reach other women who would love to listen to this podcast. So please do subscribe, like, and also go to us on Instagram, where you can find more information about the program.

Dia Bondi  29:39  

Yeah, you can find the the other one follower on our Instagram page. Since this is Episode One, and that's probably me. But yeah, head over to the Instagram page.

Laura Finnerty  29:50  

I need to I need to take my own advice.

Laura, where are you?

I'm like called salesman here. I'm not even Yeah. And Mike Wolfe. If you're listening You can just find us on Instagram at the Dia Bondi Show, The moment he likes the Instagram account. That's it, it's on we're going to be back in a month and as a guest on the show, so and

so on and so on.

Dia Bondi  30:10  

This will eventually I'm hoping you turn into a traditional Colin show, as you

Laura Finnerty  30:15  

can imagine, but we also

Dia Bondi  30:16  

do get folks sending notes that that come from the workshop that I teach your most powerful ask live as well as my keynote, as like an auctioneer and, and other experiences that I'm putting out in the world. And this one came a couple of weeks ago, and I just, I wanted to I wanted to highlight it on the show today because I think it's just it has something powerful about it for me. Okay, okay, Laura, Laura. Laura is going to actually read it so this woman who sent this to me this is what your note to me sounds like and Laura affinities voice.

Laura Finnerty  30:50  

I attended a workshop he recently helpful in brackets, my company, what really resonated with me. And what I've shared with other women, I know since was price is a measure of value, not worth keeping that simple quote in mind helped me to move on from being frustrated and resentful about being paid less than my worth. Instead, I was able to redirect my energy on finding an opportunity where my skills have valued, like I value them. reframing my thinking this way has helped me to approach my latest job search with more confidence and resilience, and it's landed an opportunity I am so excited about and also negotiated a little bit harder than I would have in the past. Again, thank you so much. I just wanted to let you know how much your words of wisdom have really helped me

Dia Bondi  31:34  

feel so fancy. But you know, what I love about this note is it could it could really easily the hottest part of it could very easily be, I wanted to let you know this part where she says, You know, I negotiated a bit harder for myself. And so I assumed she got more money, yay, part of my mission is to put more money and decision making power in the hands of women. So we can change everything for everyone. So yes, more money, yay. For her. It could also be about like, I realize I'm not paying what I'm worth. And so I'm out of here, the part of it that is hardest for me is when she says you know is able to redirect my energy on finding an opportunity where my skills are valued, like I value them. And that to me is that balance piece where we bring into balance the context that we're in, and how we see ourselves in the world and find and find that alignment. And to me, that's that right there is so confidence building that is taking control of a situation that is not tantruming that people aren't hearing or seeing your value this is recognizing that you're not you don't need to convince them there are moments where you need to pinch yourself sure. But but that you can you do have the freedom to get off that train and get on to another one and find a place where you have more alignment with what you value in yourself. And with the people around you the job that you have the partners you working with the nonprofit you're engaging with, you know, whatever the thing is, that is more aligned to what you're trying to do in the world. And to me, that's the beauty of it. Like, that's

Laura Finnerty  32:59  

the beauty of this note for me, I just think when you let go of you know, she says that the frustration and that energy is a lot to hold as well. And when you actually put that into a different channel in a different direction, it's also so powerful. So

Dia Bondi  33:13  

write it and she there's two things, two currents here, there's ask for more and get it in terms of money, because I know that's what she means. But there's also this piece of like more authority, meaning she be she took authority over her own situation, and wasn't handing her power over to the people who couldn't see her value. She took it back and said, I'm actually going to author this part of my life. And I'm going to say thank you so much, but you're not seeing me and find something else. So that is also that sort of personal authority piece that I love that's showing up in this testimonial. So like what are your big takeaways from today, as another train comes down the track and rails me right

Laura Finnerty  33:49  

into the building?

The Stata, I would say it's always nice to know that I'm not the only one thinking about this stuff, right? Like I'm not the only one who gets stressed about this and it's like constantly kind of picking away at my own ego and psyche. Like what am I about what am I doing? So that's wonderful to know that you know, see with all the people you've worked with, it's like a very much an experience a lot of women have and but I'm also just a big believer in shared experience and sharing stories. So I'm excited to be here to do that to you know, share people's voices stories and you know, hopefully, help people along their journey. So, as a first as a first episode, I feel like that's a pretty damn good place to start

Dia Bondi  34:28  

writing. So too. Okay, so is it my turn? We're gonna do this. We're gonna do this on all episodes. So my recap my big ideas for today are oh my gosh, first one in the can. You know, like the first ones always the hardest, but like that's a thing. I mean, can you say first one in the can for an audio thing?

Laura Finnerty  34:45  

I think so. Like you can

Unknown Speaker  34:47  


Dia Bondi  34:48  

that's that's like amazing and to is that, you know, being nervous while you're doing something is okay. We all have to give ourselves a little bit of a break and I'm doing myself a little bit of a break. So that's number two. And number three is like, like you this is going to be really fun and a great adventure and a brand new conversation with a whole group of women who are resourcing their dreams and putting a life together for themselves that makes sense for them. And I'm, I'm hoping that they'll, that you listeners will invite us into your lives and, and share us with the lives of the people that you care about and support so that we can have the impact we want to have here.

Laura Finnerty  35:30  

All right, so before we go today, we need to of course, remind you again, just to subscribe, follow us on Instagram, come join our little party online so that you can find out more information about anything that we're doing here with the program. Also, we want to get your late night messages on our voice message. I used to have a late night radio show By the way, why not amazing wind down zone with Laura.

Dia Bondi  35:52  

Okay, I already proposed that at some point. And for some reason, we should do a late night show one time like maybe quarterly, we should just do a late night version

Laura Finnerty  36:03  

of it. And also Yeah, I'll just take out the old jingle. I had an older sweep. Is that for the I mean, I don't think yeah,

Dia Bondi  36:08  

it would be our late night edition. But it would be live all y'all listening. If we end up with a community where you can join a track that it could be live. That's me. That's real radio right there. Where people want to go find more information.

Laura Finnerty  36:20  

What's the website address? Where do people go?

Dia Bondi  36:22  

The best place to go is just a Dia bondi.com. You'll be able to find the podcast there. And if you click on the podcast page and scroll around, you'll find the button which will direct you to the phone number you can call to leave your voicemail questions that we could feature on the show. See that?

Laura Finnerty  36:44  

Hey, everyone, it's

Dia Bondi  36:44  

Dia Bondi back really quick for a postscript. Hey, listen,

thank you.

Thank you, thank you for staying and listening all the way to the end of this episode, which is Episode One of the Dia Bondi show, whether you're catching us from the very beginning, or you are going back to the beginning after listening to Episode 51, which we have not even recorded yet. Thank you so much for sticking with us. Here at Episode One, where I'm just reflecting on, on, on how much we're doing the thing you're supposed to do, which is to just start and we're editing and cutting together the first the first episode, and it just reminds me that like, you got to start somewhere to get good at the thing you're trying to perfect. And I'm really looking forward to developing this podcast into something that has a place in your life, something that is going to give you something that adds value to your life. And that is fun for you to listen to and actually helps you get to your goals faster. I also want to say that the music that you heard on this podcast and future podcast was created by Arthur Leon Adams, the third and as you know, it was produced by Laura sanity and the Dia Bondi show is brought to you by Dia Bondi communications and sponsored by you and all your love and support. All right, over and out.

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