Noooooo!!!!! (many Things)

No Way! Watch this:


In all my years doing coaching for speakers on stage, I have never seen this happen live. This makes me so sad and angry that the folks who put on this show didn’t prepare Michael Bay for what might happen. High stakes, high pressure and a very high chance of choking says to me rehearse, have a plan b, don’t just stage it say it and give the guy some tools.

In this article the communications expert suggests memorizing his speech. NEVER have I seen that work. What I have seen is that if you know your first REAL words, the words that matter, you’ll have something to set you right. And, if you’re using a teleprompter, NEVER be shy to ask for special notes, new formatting, bold type, spacing, and any other tip that will help you stay on track.

The stage can be disorienting. Don’t skimp on prep unless your a known bad ass.

My stomach hurts and it’ll take me a day to shake off this video.


as a foot note: this horrible post is just a bunch of my Things at play. Here’s my list of Things that need applying here:
Thing 3- Car
Thing 4- Make it Better
Thing 12- Know where your going and be willing to go elsewhere’
Thing 16- Don’t talk till you’re ready
Thing 21- Break stuff