New experiences can grow empathy

Consuming an array of experiences helps us with empathy.  It’s so easy to just “do the things that we know we like” but when we push ourselves to try something new, even seemingly stupid little things, we grow empathy and our capacity to see joy in others.

Dumb example: I am gym-less. In my search for a new one I sampled a kettle bell club.  Scrappy, low-fi, marginally listenable music (for me) and chalk all over the floor.  But, in hearing how members talk about the sport, with passion and compassion for their own physical limitations, I feel opened up, just a little, to the experience of others.

That makes me a better worker, writer, strategist and coach.  It grows my perspective and empathy for the experience of others.  It combats cynicism, ups my vitality and keeps me curious and able to see what brings joy.  It grows my empathy, would it grow yours?  Try.

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