Inspire Sessions

Coaching for Independents
An Inspire Session is a one-on-one, one off coaching for Solopreneurs, Entrepreneurs and Independents.  This format of coaching is perfect when you need to get on or back on track for your next communications moment.
Be your best, get your story straight, inspire them and accelerate.

In this 60 minute session, you’ll get:
  • Coaching for a specific communications challenge, stage moment or pitch you have to give
  • Fieldwork for you to take your coaching outside the confines of the call
  • An Inquiry you can hold onto to deepen your insights and move forward more powerfully
Inspire Sessions are for professionals who need to:
  • Shape an outline and unlock the theme for a talk or pitch
  • Step up to an upcoming communications challenge
  • Raise their voice to meet raised expectations
  • Cultivate and develop an authentic voice for crucial communications moments

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“Dia helped me find my power in one short session.  She is a rock star when it comes to listening, evaluating your unique situation, and then giving GREAT advice about how to present yourself in front of an audience.” Karen Frame, CEO and Co-Founder Makeena