Ready to start speaking from the heart?


You stand on stages every day. In boardrooms. On conference calls. In the halls. People look to you for leadership, for motivation, for inspiration. Many — even most — hide their true selves in these situations. They think they have to play a role and be who others expect them to be. But if you choose to be open and genuine, you become powerful.

People want you to be you.

Anyone can prep you to give a good speech. I offer bespoke coaching experiences that will forever change you. That doesn’t mean transforming you into a different leader, speaker or person. My work focuses on discovering your unique truth and coaxing it out into the open so you can find your courage, control your narrative and amplify your impact.



You have freedom to be your most powerful self when it’s most risky. This goes beyond authenticity: I want you to feel like the best version of yourself on that stage — any stage. I’ll help you gain the courage to be who you are and strip away the persona.


When we work together, you will gain control of your presence and audience through a better sense of direction and clarity of purpose — this will give you the confidence you need. Because when you can trust yourself, you’ll know what to do.


The power that comes from expressing your passion and purpose is palpable to those around you. When you tap into your power on stage, you amplify that energy to activate and engage your listeners and achieve your communications goals.


For the last 20 years…

I’ve coached world leaders, CEOs, philanthropists, visionaries and innovators to leverage crucial communications moments. I’ve awakened their audacity and taught them to trust themselves.

If you’re ready to remove the obstacles keeping you from speaking from the heart, get in touch. It may be difficult, even uncomfortable at first, but I promise it will also be fun.


“Dia knows how to get someone to be more successful by becoming more of their authentic self.”

Dino Anderson, Executive Director L&D, D&I at Maxim Integrated