First words help us see you

Step into my office.  Maybe it’s a conference room, maybe it’s a green room or maybe we’re standing on stage behind a podium, prepping for your next presentation.

So much of rehearsing is about making the space to find your voice.  With production needs all around—lights, time, other panelists—it’s easy to lose ourselves in the details, to get operational.

But your audiences don’t want just those nuts and bolts of you.  They want who you are and getting back to that means carving out space, even just a little, so you can find that first word, that right glance or that beat before you talk that let’s you step in as you, not as the production all around you.

So sit for a bit.  Make some space and sit with it to find that right first word that’s just a little too authentic, just a little too bold or maybe a little too raw.  When you find it, it’ll speak to who you are and will set us up to KNOW you’re gonna show up with all of you.  

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