Your Most Powerful Self

Leave a meaningful and lasting impact on your audience

Your upcoming crucial communications moment provides the opportunity for you to have an impact on the crowd in a way that accelerates an initiative, establishes your voice in your industry or catalyze your work and leadership.

We’ll uncover the purpose that drives you, craft the story you need to tell and help you deliver it powerfully.

In a series of online sessions over 4–6 weeks, we'll prepare you to get it right. This isn’t just about performance. It’s about finding — and speaking — your truth to leave a meaningful, lasting impact on your audience.

Two Phases
  • Phase One: Purpose and Story. In this phase we'll work to clarify purpose and craft a story approach and strategy that creates the impact and outcomes you desire.  Highly content focused, these first sessions will aim to get clear on what matters in the story you're trying to tell. Often, the core of this is something surprising and delightful and that get's beyond decisions about information, it's about the ideas you're sharing that are unique to you and tie to your goals.
  • Phase Two: Speak it Powerfully. In the second phase we turn our attention to your key focus ares and coaching opportunities. We identify what elevates your impact when you deliver that story and work to make that have ease for you, so you can speak powerfully.

When we are complete, you'll have a rock solid story that you can deliver in a way that is aligned to who you truly are and an understanding of what it's like to show up as Your Most Powerful Self. You will take what you learned here, and carry it forward.

When it matters

Your Most Powerful Self Private coaching is perfect for Executives, Founders and Experts who are debuting a new product, giving a critical opening keynote at a strategic event or using a specific spoken story as an anchor piece of content for a road show, marketing strategy or fundraising campaign.

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