Access your genius, speak your genius.

Every great leader who’s cracked the code of their industry has done it with the help of what Dia calls their “side door”—their own personal and unofficial access point into their genius. For some, it’s about technique. For others, it’s about process or even something unimaginable.

In this keynote, Dia captivates and activates audiences by sharing secrets from her years of communications coaching for power-house leaders and entrepreneurs in tech, global sport and social impact.

Her insights reveal how attendees can detect their own “side door”, access their genius, speak their genius and catalyze their leadership and impact through their own work and story. And then pair that with the Purpose Platform as the force behind their impact.

Their side door is their genius. Their Purpose Platform lets us see their genius.

Best Audience:

This talk is ideal for small executive retreats and leadership offsites where leaders are looking for a new perspective and an approach for using their full selves in their leadership voice and impact.

Program Add-ons

Break Outs-To take the ideas of this talk into action, we can host small break out sessions for executives to draft their Purpose Platform statement- a core element of this talk that will help your leaders USE their side door to speak their genius.

Get Backstage- participants can join our member platform for more resources and peer-to-peer connection to support their growth in speaking powerfully.

Record & Replay- For our virtual experiences broadcast from our studio in California- we can record and make the program and Q&A available for replay through a private link exclusively for your audience.

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