Purpose is a source of courage and courage supports impact

In this half-day workshop you will develop and articulate your Purpose Platform, the first stop to building your Platform Map- a four-pillar model that will help any leader speak more powerfully.

You'll then use that Purpose Platform statement as a foundation for crafting more impactful stories at your most crucial communications moments. Combine that with learning the four communications tools you have for dialing up or dialing down your impact, and you'll have what you need to put you in control of your leadership voice.

In this half day workshop, participants will learn:

  • The power of Purpose as a source of courage in storytelling and leadership communications
  • A framework for identifying and articulate your Purpose Platform as a foundation for impactful communication
  • The 4 biggest presentation delivery tools for elevating your impact in storytelling across formats
  • Real time live coaching in the group for those who volunteer

Participants will walk away with concrete and practical tools to find the courage to elevate their impact on their leadership, teams, strategy and projects they lead.

This workshop is flexible and interactive. It can be delivered live or from our multi-camera live-switched studio in California. And, it can be broken into two two-hour sessions and delivered over two separate days.

Best Audience

Courage to Impact is a great experience for anyone who has to use their communication strategically. This program is especially valuable to high performing professionals who are who early and mid career and ready to level up their impact to advance their careers.

Engineering and Technical teams, Sales professionals, Creatives, business leaders of mid- and large-scale organizations will be able to apply what they learn immediately.

This program is perfect for audiences of ambitious women with goals who are on the verge of a level up. Whether you are hosting an event for an Employee Resource Group or Corporate Speaking Series, this program will have a lasting impact on the women who participate.

Running events for a Community or Professional Association dedicated to accelerating women in Entrepreneurship or a specific industry? Many industry and independent professionals find this workshop immediately applicable and easily actionable in their micro-businesses, careers and start-ups.


Get Backstage- participants can join our member platform for more resources and peer-to-peer connection to support their growth in speaking powerfully.

Follow up Group Strategy Sessions- drop-in virtual group coaching circles for participants to discuss and get customized coaching in a group context on the ideas they learned in the workshop. These can be scheduled anywhere from a day to a week after the workshop date.

Record & Replay- For our virtual experiences broadcast from our studio in California- we can record and make the program and Q&A available for replay through a private link exclusively for your audience.

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