Courses and programs.


For speakers.

Developed in partnership with Creative Live, these courses will teach you critical skills that put you in control of your impact, grow your career and influence and advance the goals of your organization or mission.


Communicate Like a Boss

Being a boss has nothing to do with your title. You can be one in just about any position or situation and stellar speaking skills are the key. In this course you'll learn four boss moves you can use to be more compelling, influential, trustworthy and — above all — authentic when it's your turn to talk.


Communicate on Purpose

Anyone can talk. Not everyone can communicate. The difference is purpose. When you communicate in a compelling and confident way that’s aligned to who you are, you can more easily speak from the heart when it matters most. Because your next opportunity to address your company or team might be the most crucial one.


Hire Dia.

Dia is a powerful and impactful presence in person, where she can react to and connect with the needs and people in the room. You can request a quote to have her customize these courses for your needs and present them to your team. She also creates bespoke programs, if that’s better suited to your event or offsite.


For coaches and communications professionals.

Dia wants you to be successful with your clients, whether you're a coach, PR professional or you support executive communications. If you’re looking for some powerful tools and techniques to help you become your clients’ (or company’s) greatest asset, these courses are for you.


How to Coach a Keynote

In this course you'll get the foundation of Dia's methodology so you can meet the needs of your clients and go from being valuable to invaluable — because their success is your success.


Path to Mastery

In this curated set of recorded coaching sessions, you’ll watch Dia as she guides clients through a coaching experience to get them on their path to mastery. You get an inside look at Dia's methodology and insights, including how you might use them in your own coaching practice or communications career. You can bring these skills into your everyday work and grow your value to your clients. For individuals, the full coaching session will show you concrete ways you can increase your impact and grow your own mastery.

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