Culture building through Communications and Learning

Your organization is in a transformation.  It’s scaling or repositioning itself and is ready to evolve without losing it’s DNA.  Combining the recognition that all organizations are a complex assembly of individuals, Dia will work with your communications, marketing or culture team to identify leverage points and strategies to grow and cultivate your people, teams and your organization or community to ignite talent in a way that’s aligned to who you are and to business goals.  


Organizational Communications Strategy- Your team or business function or leadership team needs to communicate your strategy to the organization in a way that is clear, credible and compelling.  Your initiative depends on it.  Work with Dia to clarify how, where and when your strategy is communicated for impact and organizational acceleration.  From messaging to channel strategy to messaging delivery coaching for the leads you’ll weave a story that matters.  Align, inspire and execute.

Event Content and Program Strategy- Events are an opportunity to create clarity and ignite action. Whether a regular All Hands or an offsite for a business group, gatherings can be an accelerant.  Working with Dia to develop the approach, design and content means marrying the best of communications and people development practices to create and experience that is clear, compelling and credible.


Learning Strategy- Develop an approach to learning that is aligned to an organizations DNA, values. strategy and vision.  For product launches, demo staff and organizational L&D strategy and in collaboration with the right stakeholders, you’ll co-create key principles that will drive future learning experiences and position and communicate the strategy to resonate with all stakeholders.

Designed Learning Experiences- In today’s dynamic and decentralized organizations, learning experiences are defining experiences for many and develop the competencies necessary to execute against vision aligned to values.  Targeted at manager and leadership development, we’ll get to the root of the learning and development need through Discovery and then design an experience that addresses that need in a way that’s aligned to business, talent and culture goals.

Culture Strategy: 

Culture and Engagement Strategy and Initiatives – Culture is amplified through the stories we tell ourselves and others and through the ways we engage with one another and through how we achieve shared goals.  With a storied approach, Dia will work with your team and organization to define strategies and initiatives that codify and build culture, organizational identity and drive engagement.