Helping 1MM women ask for more and get it and use asking as a success strategy.

Get Clarity, Get Power

Asking for more:

  • Reveals what's not working and pushes toward what will
  • Helps you find where your talents, perspective, skills and impact are valued
  • Puts you in control
  • Resources your dream

In my years helping people speak powerfully, I've noticed a pattern: When we make the asks that matter, we wring our hands about asking for more. More money, more opportunity, a connection—whatever it might be.  We ask only for what we think we can and pat ourselves on the back when we get a yes. But, that yes is an indicator you’ve left something on the table.

I’m here to change that.

My mind was BLOWN! I loved it! I am so excited to go into this negotiation. Before I was scared. Now, I am empowered.”
- Coaching circle participant

Welcome to the ZOFO

Getting more means challenging what you think you can get.  And that lives in the Zone of Freaking Out. We don't like to not know if we're going to get what we're asking for.

But if you're ready for that challenge? You need confidence and strategies to do it. I’ll show you how by teaching you to Ask Like an Auctioneer. You’ll never leave any opportunity on the table again. Ever.

Ask Like An Auctioneer

Combining my two passions, leadership communications and fundraising auctioneering, I’ve created Ask Like an Auctioneer, an approach that uses a new model to help women make that bold and courageous ask for more.

With a goal to help 1MM women ask for more and get it, we are on our way to putting more money and decision-making power in the hands of women so we can change everything for all of us.

Women plough more of our dough back into their families and communities and initiatives that matter to us, elevating everyone.

When women are at the top? Boom! Family leave.

Bad for companies? Nope. When women ask for more of what they want, their true talents and interests become aligned with the goals of the organization and retains talent. Retain the talent. Because it's talented.

Where I really asked like an auctioneer was in my title...the entire experience was eye opening and empowering.”
- Keynote Participant

On Your Own Terms

Is the system not working for you? Step out and build one that does. While you’re there, you’ll need to make the Asks that help you do it. Make sure they get you more.

Dia’s strategies to ask big came in a perfect timing for my business. I am pitching my idea to big corporations”
- Workshop participant

Already an entrepreneur? Resource yourself with the biggest, most strategic asks you can imagine. And make it fun.

Women ARE asking for more and getting it- more money, more visibility, access to networks, funding, and they're doing it by asking like an auctioneer.

Join us! You’ll never leave any money or opportunity on the table again, ever.

Ask Like an Auctioneer Keynote & Workshop

Ask Like an Auctioneer

Ask Like an Auctioneer

Your Most Powerful Ask Live!

Your Most Powerful Ask, LIVE!

Hear from our clients and collaborators

They are the best in the world. We want them to speak powerfully about the powerful work they do.

Hear from our clients and collaborators

They are the best in the world. We want them to speak powerfully about the powerful work they do.

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