Let it live!

When things feel like this….be glad.

I saw this on the walk back to my car at the end of my work day.tree shot

Sometimes a new idea that’s trying to emerge or a new learning is trying to land, things can feel like only a sprig of green reaching from a dry crack in the earth.  It’s rich and a total contrast from what’s usually present, and it’s compelling.  Compelling and sometimes feels like a sunburn, evidence of a good day, but the sting is real.

This is the time to watch it grow, see what it looks like, be surprised at how it’s shaped. Don’t judge it, but water it despite your great urge to prune it or maybe pull it from it’s unlikely spot.  Kill it for it’s inconvenience, it’s sheer disregard for the plan, for it’s audacity and for it’s insistence for being seen.

Take these ideas, these new learnings, these hints of what’s trying to emerge.  Let them grow and be what they are wanting to be, even if just for a time.

(this is for you executive idea-killer, team-naysayer, perpetual rational seeker, safety finding need to know it all before it happens-er, decision fearer, adventure alergy-having non-empathetic hater and the like…)


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